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Grand Pat at the zoo — June 5th 2012

a rare treat

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Zoo trip 7.6.11

I love going to our zoo.  It is small, no elephants or hippos.  But it is nice, it is shady, and it is small enough to do in one-day.  We do not really do the entire zoo in one day, I love having a family membership.  We do our best to get there each week, and we generally do about half of the zoo in 2 or 3 hours and take time at the play area / “contact” area (we used to call them petting zoos).  No rushing, no pressure.

Our zoo, each day, has zoo staff out holding reptiles and other small animals for the kids to interact with.  So both boys have gotten to pet an American alligator (baby), many snakes, a salamander and I think, I newt.  As well as see very close up a spider as big as Little’s hand, a baby owl and a BIG Parrot. 

The wagon this time was a trial and it was a fail.  Not horrible, but the two of them weigh 75+ pounds so hauling that around is a pain, and I did not like having them behind me.  I could not hear Big Brother without stopping, I could not see anything Little pointed out; and the wagon was hard to maneuver in some area; they did ride in it really well and were able to get in and out on their own which is nice.  Back to the stroller and they can take turns.

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A Story of Sisterhood and a trip to the zoo

A tale of sisterhood: 

I am, by birth, an only child.  God in His love had gifted me with two friends (BFF) that have filled the roll of sister better than a random biological connection could. 

One is names Kay (remember the names in this Blog, for protection, are not necessarly real unless they are of a professional in our lives) and the other is Michelle. 

I have known Kay since I was 3 and she 4, and neither of us care to tell how long THAT has been.  At this point we’ve been friends longer than we admit to being alive.  🙂  Kay has two children a boy born in 2003 and a girl born in 2007 (and the girl looks JUST LIKE HER).  Kay and I have never lived in the same state; we met because her Grandmother lived across the street from my parents.  We are currently 9,870 miles apart.

I have known Michelle since High School, which sadly is also longer ago than I care to think about.  Michelle has three children, my first Godson born in 1999, her 2nd son born in 2002 and a little girl born 2 day after Little Brother (2007). 

We were blessed to play host to Michelle and her three children this past week; we all parted counting the days until our family visit to their home in July and their return to our place in August. 

 A trip to the zoo:

Michelle and I enjoyed taking all five of the kids to the zoo.  Kind of cloudy, but no rain, little wind.  In the mid-70’s it vas an ideal late spring day; concerns about the sun, and heat, and related grumpies did not play a part in our day.  The day was excellent. At the zoo we gave each child a notebook and a colored pencil and had them keep a ‘journal’ of the animals we saw.  The other two boys had to write the name of each animal, Big Brother had the first letter and the twins had to put a sticker (animal stickers are so fun).  The older boys were not so impressed but the ‘three little kids’ loved the sticker hunt; we saw a baby camel nursing on it’s momma and all five kids stood for a time to view that.  The zoo animals sat still more, and were easier to take pictures of than our 5 rug-rats but no one got lost, or hurt or had their feeling too crushed.  Big Brother got to practice basic map reading and the kids got to pet a snake and a baby American Alligator.  A good day. 

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