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Moving up to a TAN Belt

Tonight Big Brother tested for the 2nd time in his Little Ninja class at the YMCA.  They have their own belt systems and strive to have the kids (4 to 6) ready to enter a standard class for their white belt (real) by the time they finish the program.  For their tests they break a broad with hand and with foot.  The kids are always amazed when they accomplish it.

Here he is actually breaking the boards.  One with a kick and the other with a palm hand.

Getting his new belt.

Daddy took the photos tonight and I had a very challengeing time choosing which ones to share here; i have at least twice as many great ones I did not share.


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Little Ninjias

Big Brother is starting Taekwondo at the local YMCA.  Here are some photos of his first class, for the first time he was actually nervous before something!  there are 30 kid in the class; 4 to 6 years of age.  the goal is for them to master some basic skills and essentially learn how to behave in a Martial Arts class and gain confidence.  they can not begin real TKD classes at the Y untill 7.  Children ‘graduate’ LN with their white belts.

These photos are not too good, next class i will take the other camera and see if i can get some better ones.



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