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Bedtime talk tonight

Putting the boys to bed, a hour later than normal, all of us stretched out in bed:

Mom: “gee I am tired it was a long day”
5 yo: “I am not tired” [whiney voices, eyes hardly open]

7 yo” I am.  When you get older you get more tired, I am not as playful as I used to be”

5 yo “it is hard being a 5 yo little guy.   5 is so complicated”



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Brain Squbilblier and Obedience

Big Brother and I have been talking about obedience al lot recently.  In Bible each day we do a Bible reading, both boys practice their Awanas and then Big Brother is doing his first real Bible Study.  We are working though You Want Me to Do What?!: A Bible Study Workbook on Obedience for Ages 6-12;  it says for ages 6 to 12 but frankly it is almost too easy for Big Brother already, granted he can’t do the reading on his own; but the comprehension questions are easy for him.

He and I have also been trying to sit down and talk about the choices he has been making, and how he acts sometimes (mainly over-the-top silly, or ‘wild’ and his continued habit of NOT stopping many actions when asked to).  We’ve been talking about the difference in what he seems to know he is supposed to do, or should do, and what frequently happens.  Tonight Big Brother and I have a very enlightening, and pretty interesting, conservation.

Big Brother told me (and this is a quote to the best of my ability) “ see you have blood in your body and it moves all over, you’d died without it.  In your blood there are cells, all kinds of cells.  In some of these cells there are these creatures calls squ-ig-le-ers.  When they go into your brain they jump out and mess things up.  When you try to do something but can’t stay on it, that is a squ-ig-ler; when I get too silly and I know I want to stop but I can’t.  That is them again.  I can’t control them, they are just there.  Sometimes they are ok and sometimes they aren’t.  Even if I feel like I want to be good, they don’t let me”.

So there you have it, next time you miss your turn and drive miles out of your way, or the next time you just can’t pull yourself together when you have to – blame the squ-ig-le-ers!!


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