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Easter Clothes and Easter Egg Hunt

The Clothing, as traditional, are new.  The Easter Egg hunt was after church.


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Palm Sunday


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A Sunday School Short


This morning I had a great conservation with my 5 year.  Big Brother was taking the number off the advent tree and he talking about Jesus and he told me “I do not like crosses, crosses mean death.  I like crowns, Jesus has a crown now”.  I see how much he is learning in his Sunday School class.  Thank You Miss Tammie!!

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Fall Review #1 10.2.10

I love fall.  Trees are turning, the hoodies are out of the closet and the mornings are down right crisp.  I love fall.  I am amazed how fast the boys are growing; Little Brother is getting so tall and lean and looking like a boy not a chubby toddler any more.  Little Brother is verbalizing a lot more at this age (a month before his 3rd birthday) that Big Brother was at the same milestone.

It is officially fall now and unofficially Oct 1 marks the “month in” line for fall activities and schedules around here.  At the one month mark, I thought a review and summary was in order.  What we kept, what we changed; and how thing are going.  Reviews like this I think, help keep me on track.

The boys’ birthdays are fast upon us.  We chose to have their party early this year to have better weather, we hope.  A day of hay-wagon rides and fun followed by bonfire is the plan so we need the weather to cooperate; a good hot pot of chili to keep us all warm and CAKE.  Last year the weather was not nice and everyone stuck in the house made for a stressful event.  we are having the party a lot early in the moth this fall in hopes of a great outdoor event.

I am still AMAZED by the fact I am going to have 2 pre-schoolers; no baby no toddler.  A 3 year old and a 5 year old – wow I remember them at 6 pound and 5 pounds.

Our Activities:

Preschool for both.

We remain staunch homeschoolers, now more than ever to be honest.  More than ever :).

I am grateful for the excellent team we are blessed with, a team both boy share.  We have been with them since Big Brother was 20 months old and they are family to us.  Both boys have Speech Therapy with the SLP 2x a week (well 6 times a month) and both also have one-on-one time for academic weaknesses too; again each 6x a month; then Big Brother also has 2x a month intervention on fine motor with the OT. Thus to make my life easier, to prevent the boys having a lot of wait time in the van (especially for the winter) and to make the schedule of the ST and other team members easier the boys are trying out the pre-school classroom day a week.  Remember legally a homeschooled child is to be given all services that child would qualify for if enrolled in the public schools so both boys have IEPs and receive testing, assessments and services via the school.  They do not have to be in the classroom at all, this is an option we are “trying out”.  Last year Big Brother accessed all his services out side the classroom.  Currently they are under “early Childhood Education” (transitioned out of Early Intervention at 3).  Little Brother’s IEP will be written next week, and Big Brother’s was just updated last week.  As long as they remain in under the coverage of “Early Childhood Education” we keep our team: our Case Manager and everyone; they remain ECE until they start Kindergarten.  So this is Big Brother’s last year; since officially he is Kindergarten aged in fall of 2011 no matter what we decide to do here at home.  After that he will keep his IEP, and the same SLP but I loose Cami and that is going to make me **SOB**.  She is the glue that holds it all together and coordinates it all.  (She will continue with Little Brother for 2 more years, till fall of 2013).

Big Brother is in the classroom 3 hours, one morning a week.  In October Little Brother has 2 visits scheduled then he will start, by his birthday, being in the other classroom 2 hours the same morning.  Little Brother will be one of the 2 youngest in his class since a non-IEP child has to be 4 to be in the class, so he is only going to attend 2 hours, not 3.  We have also chosen for him to attend the last 2 hours so he is there for snack and playground time and misses the “curriculum” work of the first hour.  This will serve to make the time more playgroups for him.

So far this is ok.  I am sticking with it, but it is still subject to change.  Big Brother has a great time (Little Brother has not visited yet).  I have some concerns that are unrelated to the teacher or staff personally but more to the nature of the beast of a public school setting.

The first week Big Brother was exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  I respect greatly the phone call I got about the risk; however that call came after we had left the house to go to class.  Had I gotten the phone call in time; say the night before, or more than 20 minutes before my son was due in the classroom; I certainly would not have taken him that day.  I did not agree with the school’s SOP about when the ill children could be admitted back to class and more so did not appreciate my concerns (with documentation) being brushed off.  Secondly Big Brother doesn’t quite understand all the things that the class does the days he is not there and seems to think that they are doing them the next time he is there; so I feel things are not being clearly explained in the classroom; and I do worry about him being made to feel excluded.  I know the teacher is not happy about our one day a week choice.  Also that is just creating an emotional situation for him.

Next to the illness factor my biggest issue is that Big Brother has brought home the “I need you to play with me” attitude.  The teacher commented that she has been frequently going to him and encouraging him to seek out others to play with.  Now my child, that used to color happily at the table as I cleaned is saying things like “I need you to sit and color with me” or the child that used to play with his brother and his toys while I sat on the sofa and folded laundry wants me to play – engage in the game with him – all the time.  I do play with the boys a great deal, that is why I am home, but the new level of needy-ness to have someone engage in every activity with him is very annoying.  I sent and independent child into the classroom and got a less independent child back!  Isn’t that one for the advertising campaign!!??

All in all I am still undecided about the long term workability of the classroom for our family, I am sticking it out to make services easier on us all, but I am not convinced.  It seems weekly I am finding new negative and not so many positives.  You can see, now, why I say we are even more dedicated to our principals of home education.

Bible Explores:

Big Brother attended one class.  He enjoyed it, I think.  I looked in on him several times and he was well behaved but did not seem to be tracking the class discussion.  Nevertheless we will not be continues this choice.  The timing just was a big fail for us.  Bible Explores meets from 6 to 7 every other week; Wednesday night.  Daddy has choir from 7 to 8 every Wednesday.  So the whole family ended up at the church from 6 to 8; then had to drive home, 30 minutes.  Remember our boys go to bed by 7 pm each and every night – their choice, well Little Brother’s choice – the boys get up at 5:30 to 6:30 every single day so by 6:30 to 7 pm they are really ready for bed and needing bed.  So not even getting to leave church till after 8 was hard.   So Daddy and I made a choice to not keep Big Brother in that activity.  It is just easier for Daddy to go to choir from 7 to 8 alone, and they boys go on to bed on time.

Had Big Brother really connected with the class more I might have tried to make to work out better, or suffered though it.  The class was great, and the teacher kind but it was just beyond Big Brother.  The group was kindergarten to 3rd grade, making Big Brother the youngest in the class; Big Brother turning 5 in November, is not legally Kindergarten till next fall.  I think we will try again next year after Big Brother can read, and then maybe the stuff on the white board will connect to him more.

Sunday School:

The church changed the way they do Sunday School and I do not like the change, but we are making it work.  In general I think it is a cool idea, but it is just not one that works so well for our boys, or in the particular set up they have at the church.  Now all the Sunday School kids gather in one room for 15 minutes of singing with the Pastor’s wife.  This might be cool if the boys had any ability to sit still or function in a group like that.  Too many kids in too small a room and none of them old enough to really “do something like that” spells a opportunity to fail for our boys.  A basic tenet of our parenting is we do not intentionally set our boys up to fail.  After 15 minutes the kids go to the individual classrooms.  So Daddy and I have agreed that the boys will just go to Sunday School 15 minutes late this year and go right to their classrooms and not the singing time.  It would be hard enough for Little Brother based on his age, but that is just massive sensory over-load for Big Brother and asking too much of him.  However, both boys seem to be excelling once they get to the classroom, so we will be continuing Sunday School, just skipping the singing time for now.  Little Brother is in the Preschool class and Big Brother in the kindergarten class.  Big Brother could have stayed in the Preschool class another year, but we wanted Little Brother to have to opportunity to try going to Sunday School and the only way for that to really work vas to go on and move Big Brother up a year.  The class Big Brother is in is taught by the same awesome teacher he had all summer, so I have a lot of hope for that.  She is a Special Education teacher and pretty cool; she is really great with him.


Big Brother is also going to start some therapy at Childserve.  Really still don’t have any idea the timing.  We have insurance coverage for OT Eating.  Big Brother just did a 2nd full OT sensory assessment and while we do not have the write up yet, the OT Therapist that did the assessment did convey to me she is going to be suggesting sensory OT for him and she is confident of getting insurance approval.  We we’ll see, however if it is denied I have a couple of other professionals ready to assist on an appeal.

I would like to see him in ST there, but can’t get coverage for it (he lacks a MEDICAL DX) and really when I think about it – he is progressing so well with Miss Emily I am happy not to confuse the matter with a 2nd professional.  As long as he can keep Miss Emily as his ST via the schools I am not going to put the effort into fighting to get him coverage of ST privately.

Big Brother will be 5 in Nov and I really feel we need to step up the therapy a notch now that we realistically are looking at academics in the next year or 2.  Personally I know he is maturing and catching up, but any push or advantage we can give him to get him ‘there” sooner is at least worth giving a try.  I don’t want to be in a place in a year or two that he is overly challenges by non-academic and that adversely effects his foundation in academics.  Also, importantly, he is starting to notice how he is different from his peers (speech) and having trouble interaction with peers without and adult there to coach the situation (mainly most of his peers have never been taught to stop and listen and TRY to understand, so they don’t and Big Brother is left feeling left out too often).  Big Brother is getting to an age where he is going to start to do more activities without me; Sunday School, maybe sports, and so on.  We want his to excel and be able to enjoy the actives not be held back by exterior challenges.  All in all we feel it is time to be a big more aggressive in trying to help Big Brother get a grip on some of his challenges so he can enjoy life more.

I’ll be able to share more about Childserve I hope next month at the next Fall Activity Review.

Talk Doctor / Play Doctor

Big Brother did a 3 part assessment with Dr Kellie Hill-Hunt.  He loves her, and asks to go play games with Dr Kellie all the time.  He is happy to go see her and enjoys being there; though he does get really wound up there.

She is going to start working with him routinely.  We are not sure, again, the timing.  We are wanting to get Childserve establish and determined and see where the day-timer stands at that point.  We will be fitting time with Dr Kellie and her turtle puppet Tippy in around that; possible the same day, or possible any time there is a break in the Childserve Appts.  Not sure yet.  Big Brother is going to learn some games and tricks for Tippy to start with and we all hope acquire some additional tools and self regulating / control abilities.   Again seeking to make his life more enjoyable and less stressful for him.

Dr Kellie is a real blessing to our family, she connects well with Big Brother, she is easy to talk to and she is though.  She has read all of Big Brother’s previous assessments (all the Early Intervention stuff, all the IEPs, both sets of notes from The Children’s Hospital and so on – the entire binder of stuff I have).  She has a good understanding of the concerns and clearly sees his challenges.  I am delighted to add her to our team and relieved to have her input, observations, skills and knowledge on our side; we (I) have been really needed a team member like her.

home school group

This remains undone.  Frankly I am hauling the boys around so much for all of Big Brother’s stuff that an extra 45+ minute one way trip to go to the city for any homeschooling group just is not in the cards right now.  Honestly we are a bit maxed out and since a group would be 95% for momma to have momma people to talk to it just is not going to happen for a while.  I am worrying about burn out and struggling to find them uninterrupted time to be little boys as it is no need to add to the challenge.

Momma is still longing for more adult interaction, LOL, can’t every momma say that.  J  But the boys needs come first, and honestly mine too – the schedule we have, or soon will have, is draining and we all need down time.

At home:

I am honestly stuck.  Big Brother has achieved all I think is relevant for a “pre-schooler” to achieve and academically is more than ready for Kindergarten level “work”.  However, he is not mature enough for academics yet and we do not belief fundamentally is what any child, Big Brother, Little Brother or any other child, needs to be doing at 5.   Additionally Big Brother has enough on his plate with his other activities.  So we stay the course; and enjoy the lack of pressure created by home schooling.

I have recently added mazes to the options before the boys on the activity table and Big Brother like the very simple ones.   I have dot-to-dots (both numerical and alphabetical) to introduce soon.  I am creating several “file folder style games” that they can play with to “work on” phonics, order / series and patterns (already have a post drafted about the different games I have been creating).  We are slowly adding more fine motor strength / control games (look for a blog post on this soon).  I hope to have more input from Dr Kellie and Childserve’s OT team soon and I am confident we will get more activities and goals there too.  That will take us though the rest of this year, and we’ll evaluate if we want to start him on Kindergarten goals next fall, or more correctly see what typical Kindergarten goals remain unmet and decide how much structure we feel he needs at that time.

We continue to dabble in phonics.  Mostly at Big Brother’s lead; my only “push” is in speech and making the sounds correctly when speaking.  Nevertheless Big Brother recently has demonstrated a great grasp of phonics and I am confident they will be mastered before long.  He is, independently, starting to try to “build a word” (he loves wordworld on PBS) and also trying to sound worlds out.  He is loving his LeapFrog Letter factory and I just got the boys The Talking word Factory and Learn to Read at the Story Book Factory .  The Talking word factory Daddy and I plan to give them later this month since we will be traveling.  I may start a bit more instruction in this area if he gets to a point to seem to need it, to prevent bad habits, but that remains an unknown and nothing I am planning on.  My only feeling of lacking is that I am not giving enough math opportunities so as the weather slowly changes and we are stuck inside more (and that can’t be more than a month off for us, sadly) I need to put more thought and effort into numbers, math, series and patterns and so on.

Look for a review of how the family food plan is going soon …


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Random Sunday Thoughts 9.12.10

Random Sunday Thoughts

I am going to start using Sunday night to review our week, share cute things that the boys did that week, summarize new learning we’ve been doing and also include random cute photos of the boys.

Saturday proved to be another day full of His blessing.  We hiked and explored. The ground was muddy and everywhere we looked there were deer track, dragon prints (dragons have 2 feet and 3 toes on each foot, just so you know) as well as many momma could not identify.  Big Brother and I talked about the beauty of God’s Creation and the expectation of good stewardship and also what that means practically.  We saw a deer off in the trees, and a coyote in a field, a well fed looking coyote I have to say.

We took time to stop at a park the boys really like and play on the wooden boat and wooden train and the big rocks.

Big Brother and I ate at Micky D’s after his evaluation on Friday, little brother at the Campbell home.  Big Brother was so upset to leave him there, not only as he hates to be apart from Little Brother, but also because going to the Campbell home is a really fun experience, both my boys love it there.  After we ate Big Brother told me he was taking his toy “to baby since he didn’t get one”, he went on to say “I have to take care of him, I am the only big brother he has”.

Things are getting busy.  Today the boys have Rally Sunday Church and the new semester of Sunday School started.  Things are going to be done different this year.  Sunday School is at 9:30 and from 9:30 to 9:45 all the kids will be together for praise and worship and singing and learning new music.  Then at 9:45 they go to their classes.  Well we will arrive at 9:45 and take the boys directly to their in classrooms.  Big Brother is very intimidated by being asked to sing.  Even now I n Sept when VSB was in June, if you ask him about VBS the first thing he will tell you he didn’t ;like to sing and the singing was hard.  Given that we are tying to reduce stress in his life and keep all “school” or “academics” very positive Hubby and I have decided to just skip the music aspect for now.  Little Brother is not even anywhere near being able to sit for it anyway and he is still non-verbal and would not be able to learn the songs or sing either.  The two of them in the room, not able to participate, and in Big Brother’s case feeling bad about it; is not a situation we want to create.

Big Brother is very proud of the seed they planted at VBS that is still growing strong.

The boys got the amazing opportunity to observe a Praying Mantis up close this week when one was found in the toy shed on our porch.  Little Brother squealed; but kept pushing to get closer.  However any time it would fly / jump / move he’d screech and run back; only to return instantly to his campaign to get to touch it.   Just for the record, the Praying Mantis did not pose any better than my 2 year old does.


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Augest 18 2010

A Big Brother Story:
Monday was a great day here – fall might just be upon us, and that makes me so happy.  Daddy stayed home and the family worked on some yard stuff.  With the boys’ help we pulled all the weeds (big ol’ things, taller than either boy) out of 2 retaining wall / flower beds, Daddy leveled them, we put paper down and then mulched them.  In the photo you can see what we got done.  The one wall / bed that is not done is what the 2 looked like also.  Note the one undone is the smallest of the three.
While Momma and Daddy worked hard, the boys had a great time.  They dug for worms, they “helped” pull weeds.  They did a great job standing just exactly where Daddy or Momma needed to swing their arms to toss pulled weeds.  Big Brother also re-located frogs.  At our home, all frogs found are re-located to the marigold flower bed.  We have a lot of small frogs – less than 2 inches and most times we spend time outside we find at least 2 or 3.  This policy of re-location just makes life safer for the frogs and gives the boys a purpose.  “Just watching” the frogs usually doesn’t turn out well for the frog.  So while we worked I moved a few frogs and Big Brother moved some.
At one point I brought the boys in for a break, walking from garage to laundry room Big Brother was in front of me and says “they are gone”.  “Gone?  What is gone honey?”. “The frogs I put in the laundry basket”
Apparently Big Brother had decided two of the many frogs he caught were hot and needed to rest.  He took two of them and put them in a laundry basket in the laundry room to “cool off”.   He never did explain why these two needed it and not the others, nor how he knew they needed to come in the house to cool off.
Big brother walked though the house yelling for the frogs and announced “they are hiding, I can’t find them”.  He looked under all the beds and in all his Hide-and-Seek hiding places. Momma got to clean out the laundry room and found one very cold frog – 75 degree air conditions and cold tile – pretty fast.  The other frog was not found till almost bedtime.   Came downstairs after tubbie and found him hopping across the kitchen.  Both frogs were able to join their frog families before bedtime.
The photo shows our “average” frog.  We have tons of them, like this one all over.  It took me less than 2 minutes to find this one for the photo shoot.  Yes that is my grubby hand holding him (or her). Interesting point; I learned that toads are actually a sub-group of frogs.  These were more accurately toads, being the creature that lives around out house and not in the pond, but they are frogs also – cool huh?

Little Brother speech:

Little Brother is exploding with communication.  Big Brother had no words till at least 2 full months after turning three.  Little Brother is 2 months short of being three, so this is four months sooner than Big Brother spoke.  Big Brother to her had many many more signs however (25 ASL signs at 20 months actually).  Little brother now will sign MORE and PLEASE and MOMMA and sign DRINK and DADDY if he can mimic you.  He picked up COOKIE in one snack session!  He says OUCH and will try to mimic HURT.  He has said NO clearly once (when I picked up the hair cutting scissors to cut paint out of his hair) with a very serious look.  He generally says  NAY NAY NAY for “no”.  He can say TIk TIk for “tickle tickle”.  He is getting much more interested in communicating; and that is good.


Fall is upon us, I love fall.  Fall is the time to me of new starts, not January.  I fell in love in the fall; both my boys have fall birthdays.  Fall is the best time of the year.  Cooler weather, hoodies, jeans; that is perfect for me.  As the boys get bigger I find that fall means more and more to us, more “starting”.  I can’t believe the boys will be 3 and 5 this fall!!!  What happened to my BABIES??  Here is a summary of our Fall Plans:

  1. Preschool for both.  Kinda.  🙂 We are dedicated homeschoolers.  I say again 🙂 we are dedicated homeschoolers.  We are also blessed that the team we have working with us via the school district is supportive and respectful of that.   This is in no way a sign of us walking sway from homeschooling.  However both boys have Speech Therapy via the school district (legally a homeschooled child is to be given all services that child would qualify for if enrolled in the public schools).  Both also qualify for other “one-on-one” services (tutoring for Big Brother for example).  It is getting challenging, for me and the teacher and the Speech and Language pathologist working with us to schedule it all.  Also it is harder and harder for the boys to separate for it, one gets upset when the other is getting attention, or they want to help each other and so much emotional energy is spent in the “waiting their turn”.  Also due to the time and the location (and my need to stay on site when Little Brother is in an appt) the child waiting ends up sitting in the van, and that makes no one happy.  Currently both boys have ST 2x a week, and “tutoring” 2x a month.  With the start of the school year and the new IEPs times will increases.  Possibility to as much as 4 appt for each boy each week.  Vile I am willing to do this, I am the momma, it is my job.  It is harder and harder on the boys to sit around and wait.  That is effecting, or going to effect, their work.  So to make it easier on everyone, we have decided to try having the boys attend the pre-school class one day a week.  Both will still officially be “listed” as home schooled and homeschooling will remain on their IEPs.  Big Brother will be in the classroom 2 or 3 hours.  The class is 3 hours; we are not sure if he will be there all 3 hours or not.  Little Brother will be in his classroom 2 hours; they will be in different classrooms.   Since Little Brother is only there 2 hours, it is possible Big Brother also will be, it depends on ST times.  The same day; both starting at 8:30 am.   for the first few weeks I will remain in the building, and even after that I will remain within 5 to 10 minutes of the school, I will not drive all the way home.  We are still working on the details with the SLP and the teachers and our case manager; but each boy will likely also have ST one other day of the week; and that day I will simply take them to the school for their session like I have taken Big Brother to the school for his appointments since he turned 3.  This is a trial; if we do not like how it is going with the boys in the classrooms we will simple make a change.   I will be going in to observe frequently and we have plans in place of how we want issues handled, if we need to we will change the arrangement.  I am still not 100% sold on this idea; I am willing to give it a try to make things easier on me and the boys.  I am very committed to homeschooling, and to being the main influence in my children’s live, and also to not pushing them to take flight till their wings are strong and ready.   I do not like, or agree with, early peer group time and i do not like, nor agree with early academics.  I admit it is hard for both of them to get good solid service time; and the juggling and the waiting is hard on them and thus detrimental to their therapies.  However I am still not excited about the idea of them, either one of them, being in a classroom, in a peer group setting for 2 to 3 hours a week in this manner.  Our team is awesome, there is no doubting that, I love all of them and trust them totally (thus why I am will to try this) but I am not a supporter of early education from a philosophical and faith stand point.  This will be only one day a week (not 4 as the pre-school meets) and this is for this year only.  Next year when Big Brother is officially Kindy age, he will go back to going to his appt only, he will not be in the kindergarten classroom for any class time.
  2. This fall Big Brother will be starting the kindergarten group of Bible Explores at church.  This is also a trial.  The group meets every other Wednesday night at the church from 6 to 7 pm.  Well generally the boys go to bed at 6:30 or 7 pm, and afternoon and evening are not the best time of day for us mood wise.  But we are going to try it; we feel it is important for Big Brother’s faith to start some more formal Bible based activities and for him to feel a place and ownership at church. We want him to grow with Bible Study as a “norm” of his life.  Technically Big Brother is NOT kindy aged till next fall, fall 2011.  However the leader of the group is a lady he worked with at VBS so she is willing to let him try joining the group.   They will learn the Our Father.  They will work on memory verses and start to learn to “find things and get around in the Bible”.  They will study some of the main Bible Heroes and start to learn a time line of events.  He will be the youngest in the group, so this is a trial.
  3. Big Brother will continue with Sunday School each Sunday morning this fall.  We are weighing the option of moving him to the kindergarten class (again he is not technically kindy age till fall 2011) thus allowing Little Brother to move into the preschool class.  Especially if this would put him in Sunday School with some of the same kids he sees Wednesday night; I feel that could facilitate him building friendships.  Both boys have the fall birthdays that makes them the oldest in their year in school – Big brother will, for example, turn 6 in Nov right after “starting kindergarten” officially; and the same is true of Little Brother.  We are not sure about this, but it would be nice for Little Brother to get to go to Sunday School too and for Big Brother to make some friendship at Church.
  4. Big Brother is also going to start some therapy at Childserve;  we do not know what that is going to look like, or how frequent it will be.  But, we did finally get insurance to agree to cover it, so I want to at least give it a shot and see what they can do for us.  Big Brother will be 5 in Nov and I really feel we need to step up the therapy a notch now that we realistically are looking at school and academics in the next year or 2.  Personally I know he is maturing and catching up, but any push or advantage we can give him to get him ‘there” sooner is at least worth giving a try.

Fall under consideration

Home school group – I wanted to join a home school group this fall; most of the ones here have a park day and I was hoping we could start going to an event like that 2x a month or so.  However, the one-day-a-week in the classroom may ruin that; the one group I know has park day every week, has it on Thursday afternoon.  Thursday is the day the boys will be in the classroom; and there is just no way – emotionally, mentally, physically – for us to do 2 or 3 classroom hours in morning, then do park in the afternoon.  Afternoon is not our strongest time as it is, and that is too much for one day.  There are a couple of other groups I am looking at, so we will see.


I continue to be amazed in a wonderful way by how much the boys learn just by soaking in life.  This afternoon we playing outside; I drew a circle with side-walk chalk and asked Big Brother for 4 rocks, I used them to make a face.  He took the chalk and said “my turn” then he said “I need 7 rocks momma” I told him “I have 4” he INSTANTLY said “I need 3 more” not counting, no thinking, just BOOM.  I was startled.  But math seems to be his strong point, this is not the first time the boy, who can not actually identify all the written numerals, has popped a math fact off the top of his head.  One day last week watching Super why they needed 12 super letters, they found 3 and, again, instantly, with no time to count, and honestly no manipulative to count, Big Brother shouts out “9 more to go”.  This was a new episode too, so this is not just memory.  He does not get this skill from me, and it is amazing to me.  He frequently pops up in the car with statements like “4 + 5 is 9” and so on.  Today, after the “I need 3 more rocks” I shoved him how to write the “math sentence” [3+4=7] but he was not impressed.  It just reinforces my peace with waiting on formal academics.  We do art, we do mazes, I am going to introduce dot-to-dots to him.  He writes notes and practices his letters and we read and read and read and read.  He has recently started asked what practically every word he sees says.  I have “work sheets” for him when he asks, but I do not push them and we do not have formal school time each day.  I think it is so important for all children to be allowed to play and grow their mind at their own pace.  Fall of 2011 he will be almost 6 and officially kindy age, at that point we will assess how much we want to push formally.  Boys especially need to be given the time to mature and be ready for seat work.  Nonetheless the amount he is “learning” amazes me.


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Vacation Bible School and BOOKS and more

Vacation Bible School:

This last week Big Brother went to Vacation Bible School. He called it “Bible School” and was as serous about it as any seminary student could be. This year was his first real VBS. He was at our home church, but it was a five church VBS so there were a lot of new faces all around. He went 9 am to noon all five days. Whew it is a long hard week on all of us; each day when I got him at noon he was a tired boy. 

The first day Little Brother and I dropped him off, Little Brother was fine leaving the room and even the church, however when we got in the van withOUT brother, Little Bother flipped out. He was crying, and kicking and POINTING AT the empty car seat and back at the building and SCREAMING. Little Brother knew we were leaving someone, and that was not supposed to happen. The boys spend very little time apart and really are strongly connected. As parent we encopurage this bond, we are aware that the day will come when the boys have only each other to call family. When we returned to the church at 15 till noon, I got Little Brother out of the van and as soon as his feet hit the pavement he RAN to the church door and tried to open it, when THAT failed he started kicking it and yelling; it almost sounded like he was calling out to Big Brother. It warms my heart that my boys love each other so much as to actually want to be together. The other drops off were much less upsetting to the entire family unit. Big brother liked VBS and did some great art work, he liked “art time” and “eating time” and “playing time” best.

The entire family attended the picnic and program.  This event was pretty upsetting to Big Brother as he did not fully understand.  He did not want to sing in the program and we told him that THAT was fine, but he was then upset to find out the singing as the ENTIRE program.  He had thought they would play games and go crafts and the other activities he had so much fun with during the day.  He simply did not understand the program at teh picnic was ONLY the singing.  So that evening ended on a very sad and emotional note for us, but did return to VBS on Friday for his final day and had another good day.

Momma is glad the week is over, however, because finding stuff to do for 3 hours a day was tough, especially due to all the rain. I missed my big boy, but am really proud of him. One of the VBS directors was kind enough to give me a full copy of the pre-school curriculum for the week. So I have all the memory verses, and the parables and the “discussion starters” that they used. I plan to reinforce the memory verses and the parables and life lessons / life applications though out the summer. 


One day while Big Brother was in VBS Little Brother and I went to Winterset Iowa. There is a used book store there, just off the square. The store was running a 50% sale!!!! Most books there are only 2 or 3 bucks to start with and at 50% shopping can be really fun. Yes, they are used but many are in really good shape. Shhhh someone reading this is getting one as a gift, and I bet she won’t even know!! So Momma loaded up on some “new” children’s books.

I love used books stores and thrifts stores because you have such a chance of finding something older, something out of print; something forgotten, something out of the ordinary or unexpected (library sales are also good, I make it point to make as many of them as I can too). I have spent some time trolling the ‘Net in search of good books list, compilations of books (some by age, some not) of worthwhile children’s literature; many I had not heard of before, some I had and had forgotten.

Ambleside Online




I have compiled all the lists in to one master list that I keep in a binder, I deleted all the many duplicates (Blue Berries for Sal was, for example on all the list, Make way for Ducky, The Story of Ping and many others also) and now have 19 pages. I check off what we have, note what we have read and try to keep in mind books to be on the look for. Many many of the books are older, some from my childhood (Blue Berries for Sal) and some older than that, so many are out of print. Used books stores, and thrift stores are such a great place to search. I have my own wish list of sorts of books I want to gather for the boys – it is so much fun to have something different to read; I enjoy telling the boys if a book we are reading is older than their momma, or even their Grandma!!

Here is a list of this weeks great finds (all $1.50 or less):

Today I feel Silly & Other Moods that make my Day. By Jamie Lee Curtis.

Duke Ellineton by Pinkney. copyright 1989 it is a Scholastic book, so glad I stumbled over it. It is beyond our reading level now but it is a nice addition to have in our collection.

Pleaser Try to remember the First of Octember by Dr Seuss (an I Can Read It By Myself Book). No I did not misspell the name.

Animal Lullabies. By Conrad. Poetry. I admit one of my weaknesses is NOT reading enough poetry to the boys.

Dream Mouse. By Esbensen. It is a tale from Latvia. Very sweet. Pigs Can’t Fly. By Cort. I love it.

Drawing Lessons from a Bear. By McPhail

Who wants a Dragon by Mayhew. I found this on the self at my dear friend’s home this past vacation in Pennlavina. I fell in love with it and was so excited to find it in used book store. I love it.


Big brother has a stuffed monkey named Stanley. Stanley was originally bought in Feb 2008. Little Brother was in the hospital for RSV at only 12 weeks and Big Brother and Daddy bought the monkey (and some candy) for Little Brother and I stuck in the hospital. Big Brother was 27 months old at the time and chose Stanley himself at store. I should note Stanley is purple with green hearts and the perfect size for loving

Well from the beginning Big Brother has loved Stanley and the purple monkey is as close to a lovey as Big Brother has ever had. Maddie The Magic Moo Cow is a close 2nd, but Stanly is the one he goes to again and again. Brother was telling me about Stanley on Sunday. There is some of what my very loving and observant little boy told me about Stanely:

“my tummy was big when he was there, now he is born”

“when he cried it means he needs something, even if he can’t tell me what. Sometimes I don’t know but I have to just try and try and try and try”

“you have to nurse him, and hold him, and carry him, and rock him, and hold him and nurse him”

“sometimes he makes bad choices, even if I tell him not to”

“you nurse him when he cries”

I hope this is a glimpse of the daddy Big Brother will some day be, and I take heart that he is internalizing the parenting style we choose in this home (nurse him, if he cries he needs something even if you don’t know what).

And finally, in keeping with our recent practice of including a list of read-a-louds, here is a sample of the books we have read together recently (in addition, of course, to our new ones):

Put me In the Zoo. By lopshire (and I Can Read It All By Myself Book). Copyright 1960. this was mine when I was little.

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovle. By Burton. Copyright 1939. I had this as a child, but the boys have a new copy.

Alphabet Rhymes for Bible Times. By Augustine. Copyright 1989

Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose. By Dr Seuss. Copyright 1947. I had never even heard of this Seuss book until we found it by chance at a library used books sale. It took a while before Big Brother would let me read it, but now he loves it. Totally loves it. Big Brother asks for it over and over again. A real find, I suggest you look for it; it is really as that it is not in any of the collections of Seuss we have, it is a great story.

I Need My Monster. By Noll. This was bought for Big Brother last Christmas; however, little brother has really taken to it. Big Brother likes it a lot and will bring it to book time a lot, but was is worth noting is that is one of the few books Little Broter pulls down to look at alone, and it is the first book he really showed an intrest in. So this is a really special book for Momma.

The Goodnight train. By Sobel. The art work in this is so sweet and there is so much fun to find hidden in the pictures (like the momma owl reading a bedtime story to her babie

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Lent 2010 Day 18 (3.8.10)

Big Brother looved his Sunday School class again yesterday.  WOOT!!  We checked on him once and he seemed to be participating well.  The teacher told him he listened really well and was easy to redirect. 

We spent the weekend reading the sea turtle books, and today i pulled out one of our books about the sea and sea creatures.  I am glad Big Brother is getting into this topic since In mid-April we will be going to the east coast for 4 weeks (Hubby has to work) and we will have beach access for a month.  I plan to take the boys to a sea turtle hospital.

The sweetest things tonight, watching Hubby read a book to Big Brother and watching Big Brother FORCE himself to stay awake for teh end.

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Lent 2010 Day 12 (3.1.10)

Today is the 12th day of lent, and I have to say the craving for a sweet drink are not gone.  😦  I guess I didn’t realize how much soda I was drinking.  I have stuck to it, and had nothing but milk and water, but the WANT for a soda is not gone. 

Big Brother has done a lot of “school” stuff recently and I am quite impressed.   A few highlights:

He watched a historical movie on Pearl Harbor with Daddy and actually asked some good questions about what was going on and why.  Now the WHY of WWII is a bit much for a 4 year old, but Hubby did his best and Big Brother explained to me that the bad people (the Nazis) were trying to hurt people and take land that did not belong to them.  Big Brother told me “they had to be stopped”.  This was hours later, so he did pay some attention to the discussion.

Sunday he attended Sunday School after service for the first time.  And Boy oh boy did he WOW his momma.  He walked in and sat right down.  Ok they had goldfish snack out and he is all about goldfish.  He politely refused the very messy cupcake he was offered.  It was him and 4 other kids, 2 girls and 2 boys.  Theo paid attention and actually answered 2 questions “about Last week” even though he was not there last week, and none of the other kids (who were there) did.  LOL  Now I suspect a lot of that “good behavior” was the fact it was his first time and he was unsure of it all, so we will see how next week goes.  🙂  When I took him upstairs to find Daddy and Brother he took Daddy back down and showed him the classroom and told him “this is my new classroom and this is where I sit”.  So he did enjoy it.

Today we painted Easter Eggs.  We will paint some more tomorrow.  then I will cut them out and we will glue them into paper baskets.  we are going to put them on our glass front storm door.  Big Brother loves to mix the paints a bit more than paint, but he seems to be getting more control over the brush.  Little Brother did pretty well untill, he tried to eat the yellow paint brush.  I am not sure why he did that, he did tried to eat the brush a few times in Dec when he first got to paint with Big brother, but had been better about it.  Again, it was yellow — the other 2 times he stuck a paint brush in his mouth it was yellow.  Little brother is so lucky, big Brother did not get to paint at 28 months, that is for sure.  the benefits of being a Little Brother — paint sooner, play dough sooner ….

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