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Halloween At the Pool 2013

Last Christmas we spent the day on the BEACH in Southern Georgia; this winter we are in  Southern Texas.  So today, HALLOWEEN, we  enjoined the day with a trip to the pool.


1 happy halloween

2 by pool

3 close up by pool

4 in pool

4 jump in

5 in pool again

6 floating

7 floating again

8 little in pool

9 little again

10 boys in pool



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big in pool smile

both boys in pool

little pool 6.11.13

pool 2 6.11.13

pool 6.11.13

school 6.11

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June 1st 2013

boys before pool


little sleeping on momma

ready for pool

the new book arrives

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pool 6.13.14

big face 6.4.13

big float again

big float

boys at pool 2

boys at pool 3

boys at pool 6.4.13

little at pool

little in pool

little water gunpool 6.4.13


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first pool trip 2012

It was not actually that warm, you think “ah it is summer, nice and warm, off to the pool we go” then the water is cool, and the sun goes behind a cloud and you are actually chilly.  A  number of the kids at the pool actually were complaining, or going to mom to be wrapped in towles.  Little did not seem to care — he played the whole time; he must have down the slide 50 times.  Big Brother was less impressed and spent a lot of time laying in the sun on the edge of the pool; he actually fell asleep there.

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