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10.12.2013 trail back ride (first horse back ride for boys)

10.12 big on horse

10.12 little on horse

10.12 mom on horse

10.21 little brother

big brother on horse

boys on horse 2

boys on horse

boys riding

little on horse happy

mom on horse 2

mpom riding

off we go

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first ever camping trip — 11.2013

Our first ever camping weekend, in a tent.  We hiked Garner State park and Lost Maples both.

11.10 big

11.10 rocks

big in cave

brothers in cave

by the creek

cave monster

cave opening
feeding the deer

little and tree

looking for bugs


out and about

1 heading out to camp 11.13

11.10.13 big face

11.10.13 big fire

11.10.13 brothers again

11.10.13 little ready to hike

11.10.13 on way to Crystal Cave

11.11.13 boys

11.11.13 little

110.10.13 boys ready to hike

big feeding deer

big feeding goat 11.10.13

big first hot dog on bun

big with river

boys and mom and view

boys at crystal cave

brothers 11.11.13

brothers on the trail 11.10.13

bvoys trail head


exploring camp site


feeding deer

first ever camp site 11.13

hike at Grader 11.10.13

ice cream

little 11.11.13

little and horse 11.13

little pet goat again

little pet goat

little with deer

little with rivier

lost maples 11.11.13

the bluff

the deer

the goats

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9.2.13 hiking again Lake Casa Blanca International State Park

We hiked Lake Casa Blanca International State Park again.

little brother 9.2.13

brother 9.2.13


boy and catus

boy and catus 9.2.13

big stick

big brother 9.2.13hik

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9.1.13 3 THREE mile hike

We hiked THREE miles at Government Canyon State Natural Area — and love it there.

big ready to start 9.1

big rock 9.1

boys with mom 9.1.13

little rock 9.1

looking 9.1.13

ready to start 9.1.13

resting 9.1.13

rocks 9.1.13

sleeping after 3 mile hike

starting 9.1

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8.25.13 hiking Lake Casa Blanca

Back to the desert hiking trails at Lake Casa Blanca (ok there are only two trails, it does not offer the diverse hiking options we are used to).

big 8.25.13

big again 8.25.13

big hiking 8.25.13

boys and lake 8.25.13

brothers ready to hike 8.25.13


little 8.25.13

little again 8.25.13

little smile 8.25.13

little with catus 8.25.13

mom again 8.25.13

mom and boys ready to hike 8.25.13

mom and catus 8.25.13

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Hiking 8.4.13 Lake Casa Blanca International State Park

Another hike at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park big 8.4.13

big again 8.4.13

boys desert 2 8.4.13

boys in desert 8.4.13

boys resting on rock 8.4.13

catus 8.4.13

ready to hike 8.04.13

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hiking on July 4th 2013





We hiked on the Fourth Of July.  Government Canyon State Natural Area; we hiked the “front county” since pets are not allowed in the “back country”.  We hope to return over  the next year and hike more of the trails and do the more challenging back country.  It was a long hot hike, and I was proud of the boys.
big 7.04

big after after hike

big again ready to hike

big and molly 4.07

big on 7.04.13

big ready to hike 7.04

boys after the hike 7.04

boys hiking on 7.04

brother hiking 7.04

brothers resting

little 7.02 ready to hike

little hiking 7.04

mom after hike

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Today was our first day of tracking school hours for the 2013-2014.  PE walk turned into Nature Study.  After that, some good table time.

big school work


catip[iller 2

catipillar 3


little school work

school work 7.1

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Lake Casa Blanca International State Park June 23 2013

Another desert hike.  At “the lake”. 

big 6.23

big posed 6.23


This little frog ran fast when we first saw him, but his defense seems to be “play dead” which means we got to look at it for a while.

frog 2


little 6.23

little catus

mom 6.23

mom and boys 6.23

mom and boys again


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June 9 (hiking again)

big brother retting ready

big brother

boys 6.9

boys agaoin 6.9

everything is a gun

little 6.9.13

little in hat

ready to hike

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