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a very short Momma Museing

Life is a constant battle between chaos and stability.  A constant struggle between lust and temperance; between desire and restraint.  A constant brawl between ugly and tranquility.  What we have to do, all we can do is embrace order, cling to the rules and commitments that regulate our lives and strive for harmony in the face of the hideous.

Our lives are the total of our commitments, our responsibility, and our obligations.  We find beauty by finding order; confusion invites the ugly in.  Some commitments are external; a marriage, the acceptance of a career; other commitments are tacit; parenthood, membership in a community of believers.  Nevertheless they all contain us with expectations and in doing so provide us a framework in which to order our lives.

Remaining within our framework allows us to experience serenity to step outside our bounds leads to bedlam.



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pray in the life of a month, another look

He who labors as he prays lifts his heart to God with his hands. — St. Benedict of Nursia

Never have I heard a better description of motherhood; the daily in the trenches (laundry room, school room) mothering.  Up before light, after being up a lot of the night, carrying straight though till well past dark.  Cooking, dishes, laundry, school work (or homework), shopping, social commitments, clean bathrooms; that a mother labors is never a question.

Mothers don’t sit and contemplate the wonders of world; note I didn’t say mothers don’t contemplate the wonders of world.  I honestly think as mothers we are more attuned to the magic of life and all God’s tiny miracles.  Watching a toddler try a toy and try it, and seeing the joy when it finally works.  Sitting with a school age child chewing over math word problems and seeing each one go better than the last.  Watching the sunrise while cooking breakfast; and relishing the joy at a baby’s first word.  Everything a mom does is wrapping in the glory of God.

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Practical Reasons for Modesty

Modesty ~ synonymous with chastity, or purity of manners.  In this sense, modesty results from purity of mind, or from the fear of disgrace…unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of  female excellence, the richest gem in the diadem of their honor.

— Noah Webster 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language

What was once considered pornography is now brazenly displayed on the magazine covers that assault our eyes at the grocery checkout.  http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/artman/publish/Femininity_amp_Modesty_16/Modesty_and_the_Christian_Woman_132100132.shtm

This is another; yes another, post about Modesty.  This is a discussion of why modesty really matters; not in theory but in practice.  Why does discriminating behavior and dress really matter.   On a day to day basis, in the real moments of your life, at PTA and at the store, how do the choices you make about what you where effect you, and those around you?

There is always a thin line between legalism and liberty and I am going to attempt to walk this fine line as biblically as possible.  http://anunveiledface.wordpress.com/2007/11/19/modesty-and-christian-women/

(an AMAZING article I wish I had written.  Please take the time to read it.  it is long, but well written and presented and full of good meat to consider)

Modesty is the voluntary personal responsibility to behave & dress in such a manner as to not purposely draw attention to oneself.  This is crucial for a Christian woman; first and foremost because we’re representatives of the LORD Jesus Christ; but it goes beyond that.   How you present yourself, how you dress, how you act, directly effects the interactions that create your life.

I put a high level of importance on modesty.  I cover my body and endeavor not to dress to attract attention.   I do this not merely because of my faith in God and my respect for my husband.  I seek to dress unassumingly for many practical reasons also.

1. My body belongs to me, God and my husband not to the odd man of the street looking at me. I protect myself for myself and husband.   I do not want to be leered at; I do not want to be watched.  I control my body and that also means I control who sees it.  I do not want to play a role in the unclean thoughts of some random man-on-the-street.

2. I do not seek to make another stumble; yes I have the right to go around with my breasts hanging out, but if that makes another struggle what have I gained by exercising that right?  Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.  Doing things just “because I can” is a very immature attitude and not one befitting an adult, much less a mature Christian.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with  shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold or pearls, or costly array; but (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
1 Timothy 2.9-10

3. I want to be respected for who I am, not for what I look like.  I want my mind, my intellect and my experiences to speak for me, not my clothing.

and possibly the most important reason for modest in my daily life  (after, of course, my respect for my God, myself and my husband), one of the most practical arguments for discretion I know of:

4. I do not want to interject sexual tension or a sexual aspect into peer relationships.  I want to have a good working relationship with my co-workers that are based on personal and professional respect.  I want to feel at ease with friends’ hubby or my husband’s co-workers.  I do not want sexuality or sexual feeling or thoughts to be a white elephant in the situation.

Think about it…

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Why I love Monday

What to you use daily, or almost daily, to remind you of God’s unfailing love for you?  What reminds you of the forgiveness of sins, the new life that Christ offers?  Everything is new in God; we just have to remember that little fact and apply it to our lives.  May I suggest the humble Monday.  You certainly do not have to wait for Monday, but with four or five of them a month, you can’t avoid them either.  They are a nice “in your face” unavoidable, prompt.  Stay with me here:

I love Mondays.  I know most don’t, in fact I know it is not popular to like Mondays.   You are supposed to dread Monday, to bemoan Monday, to “survive” Monday.  Nevertheless, I love them.  My boys school at home, that is I school our boys at home, so loving Mondays morning has nothing to do with the return of the Big Yellow Bus.  It has to do with newness and rebirth and having a new chance; starting over.   Every Monday is a reminder to start fresh, last week is gone – we get a new page to write on.

Mondays are a new start.  They are a visual, a practical, reminder that you don’t have to stay where you are, you can “start over”.  Start that diet, start that new Bible reading plan, declutter that bedroom:  today is MONDAY.  I love all new starts; I love a fresh beginning.  A new chance; to really only drink water and not soda, a new chance to keep on top of laundry or remember to read The Bible before fiction, a new start on your diet, or whatever you feel like you have fallen short on.  No need to fear; there is a New Start right around the corner.  Our life is made up of so many “New Starts”:  New Years Day, the first day of The New Semester, Advent, Lent, the list goes on …but we are blessed to have a new start every 7 days.   God grants us many many New Starts in our life to continually remind of the New Start we have in Him.  Every Monday is a fresh new start just waiting; waiting to remind us that God Himself took a day off and then started new.

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I don’t suppose it is much of a secret that The Daddy and I are not done with our family, and I don’t suppose it is much of a secret that we would like to add a daughter to our family.  The Daddy and I have been in agreement on adding to our family via adoption since before we were married.

In the spring, after this temporary work assignment is done for The Daddy and once we move to our evermore location in Missouri we will be applying to be foster-to-adopt parents.  Actually we applied, were approved (paper application and background checks) to training for fostering in Iowa, attended our first meeting and were scheduled for classes, however that is when we were notified we were “up for a move” (this move we are in the middle of right now).  So sadly we stopped training.  We did not know just when our move would happen, we were sure we would not have time to wait for a placement, have a placement long enough to move towards adoption and complete an adoption; we did not feel right accepting a straight foster placement either, with no end date and the concern over disrupting a stable placement for a child just because we were moving.

For now there is nothing for me to do, nothing goal directed that is.  So I am contenting myself with reading.   I am done with Another Place at the Table; and have The Connected child on hold, and waiting for it to arrive at my local library branch.  Today I checked out Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish their Adoptive Parents Knew  and Our Own: Adoptin​g and Parenti​ng the Older Child by Trish Maskew

I have also found a couple of blogs I am reading up on – nothing like feeling “there are people out there walking the walk we feel called to walk”.



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Gutting the Kitchen

This week I will be gutting the kitchen.  Two fold process.  First of all to get the “stuff” dealt with: at least 1/3 to give away, at least 1/3 to store and less than 1/3 back into freshly washed cabinets.  Neat and cleanly and orderly.  Secondly to go through all the food and cull out a lot of it.

The first task is simply enough and obvious; we are moving before the end of 2012 and stuff simply needs to get gotten rid of, or packed up.  We need the house less cluttered and face it, it is all gonna have to be packed at some point, why not now rather than more work later?  We are also starting the process of getting rid of all plastic for food and drink (I will, for now, be keeping it for in fridge storage, but not for heating food or eating food out of).  So there are some things that I will simply be getting rid of.  Things not gotten rid of need to be organized and packed.

With regard to the food.  We are knuckling down and getting rid of all the “cheats” that have wormed their way back in to acceptable food.  Momma has gotten tired of the fights, she has been choosing to fight other battles and we have not been as dedicated to our family eating plan as we need to be.  Food, and keeping to the diet Daddy and I want the family on, means a lot of constant battles.  It is time to get back to fighting them.  It is my fault and I know it, but we have got to boost ourselves (and drag the boys screaming along) on to the wagon.   The big three (artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives) and being re-brandish; and with much gusto this time.  I am determined to make this STICK, somehow, not sure how, but I am going to have to find a way.  I know it all hinges on me not allowing us to cheat, and me not being lazy.   Now we are also going a further step to seriously cut back our processed / boxed / ready made foods.  This time HFCS is getting the ax.   This is going to be hard.  Even after all this time the boys have no learned to “choose for themselves” not to have the artificial stuff.  They hear it over and over (and over and over) again “that has artificial colors, no” but they never stop asking.  This cracks down, and removal of more ‘easy to eat’ / ‘fun’ food is going to be a trial.  For a while I am going to have to accept food as one of the battles I choose to fight constantly with the boys; this needs to be done.

Stay tuned as the kitchen gets cleaned out…

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Sad for the unborn

Looking forward to November makes me very sad.  Life is the very foundation of the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution (Life,Libertyand the pursuit of happiness).  This November when the candidates square off for the right to be the leader of this great nation for the next four year; there will be no on standing up for life.  How sad is that for this Great Nation, when no one seeking her highest elected office is protecting her children.

That president Obama is clearly pro-abortion is nothing new; we all remember his impertinent remark in the last set of Presidential Debates when asked “when does life begin” that “oh that is above my pay grade, I can’t answer that”.  What he hoped would sound causal and deflect the question merely shone bright as a clear indication of his lack of respect for the unborn.

Given Mitt Romney’s recent $50,000-a-plate fundraiser http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/mitt-romney-holds-fundraiser-with-manufacturer-of-the-morning-after-pill  at the home of Phil Frost we realize that he is not a supporter of the basic right to life either.  Frost is a man that makes on his money by selling death; and Mitt not only associates with him; he is happy to take his money.  Frost is the executive of Teva Pharmaceuticals that makes the Morning After Pill.  Apparently Mitt has no problem accepting money ‘earned’ for the death of children – blood money if there ever way.  So sadly he not only NOT protecting the unborn, but willing to share in the profits gain from their murders.

It is heart breaking and reprehensible that the unborn of this nation will have no one willing to stand for them in November; what a commentary on where this nation is headed.


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