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Boys and Birds

Dove season going strong here.  Big Brother is really loving it.



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Boys and Bows

Last Christmas each boy got their own REAL bow.


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Garden to table

Our family is by no means a ‘survivalist family’ – trust me, you are not going to find me sleeping without AC or heat unless there is a dire emergency (actually minus heat does happen, but just means more blankets, that I can live with).  Our land does not support us, I have friends that have amazing gardens and can and could live off their own produce if the need arises and some that do some for the most part now out of a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency.  Check out some of these blogs, just for a start: 

I have other friends as self-sufficient or more so that do not blog about it.  That is not, now, our family.  Armageddon or a complete grid failure now would be very very hard for us, but we solider on in the direction of, if not total self-sufficient, at least “emergency preparedness”.

To that end we seek to raise our boys to be men that will be ready and able to fulfill their roles as father and husband and provide for their families, and ensure their families’ vell being.  As they grow they will learn to build, to fix, to garden, to work hard and to be ready, willing and able to provide for and care for a homestead for a family.

We, as a family, are endeavoring to learn more, and to improve our skills in gardening, and seek to expand into food producing trees and bushes soon too.  This year, again, we have enlarged the garden and are encouraging the boys to take a more active role in its care.  This is a challenge, especially for me, I’d much rather do it myself, get it done and done right and quickly.  I bite my tongue and encourage, even require, the boys to take a roll in the garden (and the flowers too).  My most important job is not to raise carrots and green beans but to raise boys that will be men that will know how to raise carrots and green beans.

The boys helped lay out the garden.  They helped choose the vegetables we planted (carrots were a specific request of Big Brother’s).  They worked at planting the garden. They weed, they water and they have now been able to harvest.  Big Brother is already talking about things he wants to grow next year. 

I took the boys to see my parents this month, and they were able to carry into grand Pat andPaPaveggies they had helped grow and helped harvest.  Grand Pat and Pa Pa then taught the boys how to snap the fresh green beans (or in the case of the boys, use safety scissors), wash then and cook them.  I had forgotten how good fresh green beans could be.  We ate them with in 48 hours of them being picked!!  Both boys put forth a good effort in listening toPaPaand Grand Pat and worked really hard.


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