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Homeschool tool = library

I am not the first home educating mom to sing the praises of the library in general and a librarian in specific.  The home education family and library bond is expected, honored and fundamental.

The theme of THIS blog is the random visit’s treasure.

Today I ran to the library to return old books, make some copies and talk to someone.  After I accomplished my tasks I searched though the children’s shelves, blissfully, alone to look for a few beloved titles and to see what new I could find.

With no special order, no special search, no guided or intentional search, I found several books that fit our lesson plans for the next couple of weeks or that reinforce material already introduced.

We’ve been looking atNorth Americareading stories from different cultures and practicing locations on the map.  We have 2 more weeks on North America; and I am going to focus on the US; citizenship / the pledge, the President (the office) and talk about George Washington; finally we’ll read American Tall Tales (we have finished all the short stories from the Native Americans I am aware of in any of my collections).  As always we’ll continue to push on in phonics and math.

So here are the books – just pulled off the shelf:

All you have to do is look on the shelves.

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Library visit 5.25.11

Library visit today.  My boys are so blessed to have a great library to visit and so much more blessed to have a great and amazing Library Director that loves them and understand them.  Their maturity on library visits has skyrocketed and I am so proud of them.  They both know Miss Annette is approachable and genuinely cares about them and tries to help them, and to listen to them.  I am grateful that this is the foundation of ‘library’ they will have to build on; a feeling of acceptance and enjoyment and an understanding the staff is approachable and is there to help you.

We brought home a couple of old friends

we chose many new books:

(I’ll let you guess the ‘chooser’ of the different books SMILE)

We really love Tiger Can’t Sleep and I’d love to find: Read to Tiger

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I am excited about my new to me books:  How would Jesus raise a Child and Great Lives: American Government.  I love paperbackswap!! 

Boys dyed eggs at classroom today.  I am getting all excited for our East Egg hunt here at the house on Sunday.  (link to blog about Easter egg filling).  Little Brother had to then eat his two eggs, and for the first time ever he insisted on peeling his own egg.  I was a little worried about it, but he managed it with minimal mess.

Yes that is a size 6 shirt out of Big’s closet, not even gonna fight that one. 

You can’t ask him to smile any more without getting THIS lovely face as he yells CHEESE!!  So glad he learned that, and can’t wait till he is tired of it and I can get some good photos again. 

The boys are maturing into long more complex readings; at least Big Brother is, Little still struggles but is easier to placate.  We’ve yet to read a real chapter book (even Pooh though I am chomping at the bit to try that one again any day) but today we read Saint George and the Dragon.  Knights and Dragons are all the rage here.  The art / illustrations are amazing.   One Amazon.com reviewer was outraged by ‘undressed fairies’ – I’ll be honest I am going to have to go back and look.  Both my boys were totally into the dragons (scary but not over the top) and the shield and sword.  Some blood, but not really gory, I am quite strict and engaged regarding what my boys see (screen or print) and I was ok with it.  Quickly Big Brother made the connection to the short St George story in one of our story-collection-books; that short is one he requests over and over and over.  He immediately recognized this book as the same story even though today’s books is much more complex and elaborate and we’ll done; it is a simplification of the full text, yes, but it is not dumbed down; the plot and language are well done and worth of ‘literature’ vs a children’s short story.

One final thought – it is really pointless to try to tell two little boys (3.5 and 5.5) NOT to put bubbles on the dog’s head; when the dog is practically jumping in the tubbie with them.  Molly had to be removed, despite vocal protests of all three, because Momma did NOT want to try to clean up THAT mess. 



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Library yesterday.  Took Molly with us since it was warm enough for her to wait in the car, and also library trips are short.  She was kinda shaky in the car, so we need to get her out and about more.  Generally she will be going with me / us almost all the time; the only reason she has been home for the last two weeks has been the extreme cold.  I took her with me today to take the boys to classroom and let her walk around the park a bit too.

New Library books:


  • The Littlest Wolf (new)
  • Please Bury Me at the Library (new)
  • My Best Friend Moved Away (new)

 Big Brothers:

  • Desmond and the Naughty Bugs.
  • Batman: Race Against Crime
  • Superman: Robo Monster
  • Over in the Jungle

 Little Brothers:

  • Olivia Forms a Band (new)
  • Olivia (new)

Big’s OT Therapist gave us a list of sensory activity to try out at home.  We made boy-sandwiches!!  The boys got to do it to me too, but no photo of that. 





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Today is day 8 of the Pray For Your Husband for 30 days Challenge.   Today’s challenge:


Day Eight:
“…but who can find a faithful man?” Prov. 20:6b

Faithfulness is a wonderful but rare quality today, especially in regard to marriage. Do you understand how important this quality is? Your challenge is to continue to root out all negative speaking, and plant seeds of encouragement instead. You may be amazed at what will grow.

Contemporary culture often entices men to be unfaithful to their wedding vows and spiritual commitments. Appreciate your husband’s faithfulness – how he is loyal to you. Let him know that you are glad he has “stick-to-it-iveness” in your marriage. Appreciate his faithfulness to God. 

New cool web site find — this site is really really cool  it is a digital on-line library.  You do not have to sign in or sign up (it is FREE either way) but if you do you can “remember” books and so on. Children books, from all over the world, in all languages.  Read them on your computer; it is kinda fun.  ok it is on the computer, but there are so many neat ones and a ton of search options.  Being on the computer is a disadvantage I agree, we limit screen time for the boys and do no go any “computer learning” with them.  But it is cool to be able to see, flip the pages of, and read so many books.  Many are public domain now.  When you read a book there are several viewing options.  Pretty cool and fun. 


Also – something I don’t usually share but I really liked this blog post.  Check this out!!!  Many of you recognize the name Rick Riordan.  He is the author of Percy Jackson & the Olympians series (New York Times Bestseller list) and others like the Kane Chronicles, the Tres Navarre mysteries.  This is his official blog — and this post is about the choice to home school their son!!!


Both boys had Speech with Miss Emily today, and it was so nice out that the other got to play on the school playground for waiting, and then I let the two play for a while to get that all important sunshine time.  Both boys did a good job in Speech; Little Brother made a better effort than any day before and mimics over 15 words.  I watched though the window a little while and he seemed to be having a great time looking at farm animals with Miss Emily.  Big Brother started with OT with Miss Laurie and practiced his handwriting and using one hand to manipulate things “around” then he worked with Miss Emily.  Big Brother is speaking so much better, but has got to slow down.  Miss Laurie, who saw each boy with the Speech Teacher Miss Emily, complemented the boys of their attention and told me that after his time Big Brother got up, and thanked Miss Emily.  Nice to hear good reports about them. 


We made a rare afternoon library trip today.  Big Brother went for “known” and I don’t think he choose anything new at all.  We came home and looked though out Dr Seuss books and checked off all the ones we have.  We read To Think I saw it on Mulberry Street; the first book Seuss wrote and had published.  I talked to him about the fact that book was written when Grand Pat and Pa Pa were children, not sure he got that. 


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Library today, boys coughing so momma chose all the books for them:

My only criteria today was all the books had to be new to us; of course also had to follow momma rules – no tv show books (not even Author, Clifford is cool as he was a book first same with Bernstein Bears and Babar) and no annoying bad series (like the farting dog, we have avoided it so far and I hope to continue).

10-10-10 such rare occurrences here are some photos from that day (note the one of me taken by Big Brother):


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Homeschooling around here is exploding, and momma is trailing behind, happy, but just trying to keep up.  Daily, now Big Brother is asking for school work, and working with fairly good effort for about 20 minutes; which is a good chuck of time for him and really a ‘growth’ area for him.  Tonight I printed some new sheets for him off some of my favorite sites:

I have made a binder for him, it is our “choice binder” – when he asks for school he gets to choose out of the binder.  I have broken it into sections; like letters or math or following directions.  Little Brother has his own section too.  The newest fad there is mazes; they are not true mazes (there are no choices of where to go – just a path to follow).  We do them 2x in a row once in pencil and then again in a colored pencil so see the improvement of “practice”.

Library today:

We love our library; love it.

Inter-Library-Loan books that arrived:

Big Brother’s choices:

  • The Library Dragon:  Deedy.  I love this, Big Brother keeps checking it out but not seeming to follow the story.  I love it though.
  • Here Comes Diego.  Phonic Readers (a combo books of several of them).  Not looking forward to this, but I do let him choose his own.  Run from this title if you see it, it is painful.
  • If I could Drive a Tow Truck.  Tonka / Scholastic. New.
  • Curious George Builds  a House.  Again this is a book taken FROM the tv show and is not all that good, annoying actually.
  • Firefighter Frank.  By welliongoton.  New.

Momma’s Choices:

  • How to Speak Moo.  By Fajerman.  New one.
  • The Grumpus Under the rug.  By Jackson
  • The Bravest Ever Bear.  My Ahlberg and Howartd.  New one. This is massively cute.  I love it.  i do not think Big Brother follow it.  the “voice” of the story changes from one character to the next, and it is based of “standard” stories (the knight and dragon, the 3 bears, the wolf and ______, the troll under the bridge) and I just do not think Big Brother was getting it.  I really like it.
  • Whose baby am I?  By Buler.  New one.

Little Brother’s Choices:

  • Clifford Puppy Days.  Remember Clifford STARTED as a book series before he got a tv show.
  • The Pink Panther and the Fancy Party.  What can I say – he chooses my covers.


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