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Supplements for ADD and depression (and normal brain support too)

Big Brother’s supplement list is growing as we expand to try to address reduced appetite, ADD / agitation, mood support, as well as support health child and brain growth.  This will have to be redone in a fw weeks as i talk to a few more professionals and do some more research; nevertheless here is what i have for now:

As of 8.22.12

  • Zinc (3 tabs) = 24 mg = insomnia / agitation and appetite
  • “Green foods” (2 tabs) (veggie complex)
  • Immune C (L’il Critters)  (2 chewies) = 126 mg Vit C, 3 mg Zinc = immune support
  • Fruit and Veggies (L’it Critters) (2 chewies)
  • Calcium / Vit (3 chewies) = 600 mg Calcium, 600 IU Vit D
  • Children’s Multi-vitamin (3 chewies)
  • Omega 3 Chewies (3 chewis) = apx 420 mg = for brain and mood
  • Magnesium (3 pills) = 750 mg = for mood, agitation and sleep
  • L-theanies (4 chews) = 400 mg = mood, agitation and sleep

On order

  • Vitamin B-6, B-12 & Folic Acid -Chewable

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new member of the family

We are an epi pen family now.

Epi pens – the self administering, pre dosed, ‘shots’ of epinephrine (the company calls it “Auto-Injectors”) most frequently for the treatment of acute allergic reactions to avoid or treat the onset of anaphylactic shock.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epinephrine_autoinjector).  Epi pens are not a ‘treatment’ for the reaction, they are a band-aid measure to allow you to access care.   Who, you might ask, in our little family has a life threatening allergy and might be in need of immediate access to a medication to prevent anaphylactic shock?

At the end of July Daddy and the boys were fishing and Little got his first ever bee sting.  His thumb swelled immediately.  Daddy administered Benadryl and watched him.  Within 30 minutes his face was starting to swell.  We took him in.  We live with a balance, we are rural and have to weigh the “going too soon” “unnecessarily” vs being caught too far out from the hospital in a real emergency.  So we, as always, decided to error on the side of caution and took him to seek care.  First we went to urgent care, with the RN told us to take him to Blanks ER.  We inquired about the hospital ER next to the urgent care; but the RN felt we needed to go to the Pediatric ER.

We arrived, the triage nurse looked at him and he was quickly taken back, I do not know if care is always that fast or it was his reaction motivating them, I think it was the latter.  Little quickly had an epi shot, and they started an IV.   His face continued to swell for a time and he became quite ill.

We ended up with him being admitted because the reaction was still persisting despite multiple does of Benadryl and the steroids.  He spent the night and came home on 3 more days’ worth of steroids.  The Pediatrician attending him on the floor made it quiet clear that we should expect if he is stung again for the next reaction to be faster and more serious.  We were instructed if he is stung again to administer the Epi pen and take him to ER without waiting to see what the reaction is going to be; just give him the shot and go.

He is fine, and was never at risk of not breathing, but he did have a serve reaction.  The doctor at the hospital was confidently his next reaction would be faster and stronger.  So now, everywhere Little goes, we have to carry an Epi-pen.  Also all the adults in his life have been “trained” on the pen and correct usage; the company provides a practice device with the prescription pens; and that has been nice, to actually handle a mock injection.  We got him a cute bracelet to wear any time we are out and about, especially if when he is not with Daddy or me.  He is practicing saying “I am allergic to bee stings” and we have a designated pack and place for the Epi pen.  Actually we have 4 pens; one for the home medical kit, one for Daddy’s backpack, one to go with him every place he goes and a 4th as a spare or to give to the school if he dual enrolls again.

Right now we are deal with a lot of generalize fear in him about bugs; and I have to admit I never notices how many bees and other flying stinging bugs our flowers and garden attract.  Nevertheless, we will all find our footing (and never again put the sand box by the flower bed) with this new normal.


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The boys supplements list

ok I have had a couple of requests for this – a list of the supplements the boys are on (especially Big given his self limited diet and intake).

I Have to say, I am hardly a good person to be discussing this – this is a list of the supplements I have the boys on (and why) but I know I should have them on more, again especially Big Brother.  Nutrition is not my strong point, not by a long shot.

Melatonin – this alone is a life saver for us.  Started it on advice of a Dev ped that saw him at 2.  Bedtime used to be hours of struggle – he’d be so tired, and cry and hold me, we’d rock, he’d lay and stare – he was not (generally LOL) fighting having to go to bed, he just could not go to sleep.  I felt so bad for him (and me).  Two things really helped a much earlier bedtime so he is not over tired and Melatonin.  He simply needs it to sleep.  I dislove his in his night time milk, but L:ittl Brother is ok with chewing one. 

L’il Critters Fruit & Veggie Gummy Bears, Sour.  Two have as much antioxidant power as one full serving of fruits and vegetables.  My boys get 2 doses a day. 

Note:  I use a lot of L’il Critters.   I do this for a good reason.  They are allergen free (no soy, no egg, no …) and they contain no artificial colors and stuff.  They DO have berry extract so they are not, technically, Feingold safe but since I have never seen a reaction to them, and since they are not artificial, I choose to use them anyway.

L’il Critters Gummy Vites Multi-Vitamin

L’il Critters Immune C Plus Zinc and Echinacea, Gummy Bears

L’il Critters Omega-3 Gummy Fish.  Contains 32 mg of DHA per serving (which is 20% of the 160 mg suggested daily intake).  My boys take 2 ‘doses’ a day.  They need a better Omega -3 / DHA supplement but as I said this is such a challenging subject for me.  They also likely should be taking more than they are also. 

L’il Critters Vitamin D Gummy Bears.  In the dead of winter when I can’t take them out, Little gets 2 doses a day as he drinks very little vit D milk; brother gets one.  Summer time Little gets only one and Big none.   TheAmericanAcademy of Pediatrics now recommends kids receive 400 IU of vitamin D a day.  These have 800 IUD as Cholecalciferol. 

Yummi Bears Fiber.  when these are gone I am not going to buy any more.  The GI specialist suggested them for Little Brother (so he has been taking a full does and Big a ½ if he notices Little getting his).  Really, though, I have not seen a reason for it, so I plan to stop after this bottle is gone. 

I have but they do not take:

L’il Critters Probiotic Acidophilus  More Live Active Cultures Than 10 Servings of Yogurt 2300 mg blend.  I DESIRE them to take Probiotics – but they both flat out refuse these.  Odd I think they taste like strawberry wafer candy.  Better than a lot of the medications that Little eats up with glee.  No clue.  I need to find a different Probiotic I can get in them.

I am considering:

ADDING:  L-Theanine in some form.  L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found in green tea that is emerging as the premier natural product to support mental calmness and relaxation.  I really want to try Big Brother on this.  I am looking at this one Natural Factors Suntheanine L-Theanine, Chewable Tablets but I am concerned about Big actually being willing to chew the tablets.  As of yet, he has never chewed anything but a gummy medication.

EXCHANGEING the L’il Critter Fruit and Veggie bears for Yummi Bears Wholefood Fruits & Vegetables.  Not, sure it is so challenging to make the best choices for them.

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