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I never knew….

I nevere knew that gourd / pumpkin vines would grow UP a sunflower!!  look to the side of Little’s ear in this photo and you will see a gourd that is growing from a vien that climbed the sunflower and so the gourd is hanging like fruit growing from a tree.  I had no idea.

Here is Little brother in front of the rock garden in front of the house.  All the sunflowers and gourd / pumpkin vines are volunteer plants, we did not plant any of them.

I am not sure what this is.  I think that is evidence of cross-pollination from a gourd plant and a pumpkin plany, it is a voleenteer plant and I am really not sure.  It looks like a pumpkin, but it is colored more like a gourd and is bumpy.

Our first watermelons!!


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Volunteer Summer

I am not much ofr a gardener; I am getting better, but the fact remains I have a lot of “better” to get.  One thing I AM good at is volunteer plants, in facts some times, if it was not for volunteers I’d have nothing growing.

This year there is quite a crop going.  We last year, planted sunflowers behind the mums in the corner of our rock garden (in front of our house).  This year the rock garden is full of big healthy sunflowers.

The rock garden also, somehow got a coupld of stray marigolds.

The rock garden also had a couple of great looking pumpkin plants starting (sorry forgot to photo them).  Quite a full garden that is supposed to just be rocks!

We have a few sunflowers that made their way all the way over to the mairgolds also.

We have a a volunteer or two that are not welcome, but those will be evicted.

So apparently the things that grow here best, are the things that I don’t plant.


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today (5.9.12)

We have baby watermelon shoots.

Our volunteer sunflowers are growing nicely.

ALL OVER>  Our rock garden has volunteer sunflowers and volunteer pumpkin plants this year, a lot of them.   We have one lone marigold that popped up in the rocks; and many sunflowers over in the marigold beds.


Little Brother.


The first marigold blooms today.

Big Brother checking out the watermelon plants.

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Yard Work

We all know children learn what they live; thus it is a basic foundation of our parenting to make sure our boys live a life of skills.  We include them in our work; be it cleaning, shopping or yard work.   Yesterday we hiked the fields flagging the thistles for “spraying”.  The boys were right there with us, walking and looking too.

We are taking pains to make sure our boys learn to be men that someday will be careing for, and supporting a family.   It takes longer to let them hoe, and walk behind daddy and the tiller, and to plant and to weed and water; nevertheless that is how they learn.  Someday they will be teaching their children to measure and lay out a garden, or how to harvest their own food and they will remember these long night.




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First GARDEN post of 2012

So it took a week, but I got my “to do” on the garden from last weekend done.  It is burned and mostly tilled.  It never did burn clean, like I had hoped.  I even raked the dry stuff up, and pulled up all the dried up vines in the yard around the garden too.

The garden is going to less full this year, with the move we do not want it to be as involved as last year.  The boys take an active role.  they helped pull vines, they even tried to help rake.  Both were very interested in the burning, a fascination they come by naturally.    Big Brother has requested watermelon this year, we’ll do pumpkins again t0o.







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Caterpillars in the garden

Both boys found a caterpillar this morning!!


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grow, grow, grow

I continue to be amazed at how well the garden is growing after last years attempt.

The boys come out each morning with me to pick fresh veggies, and it is a challange to keep Little Brother from picking everything early.


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