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home-made paper mache 4.25.13

Auntie Aaron is a brave soul…

4.25.13 all three

4.25.13 art 4.25.13 brothers

4.25.13 ellie

4.25.13 little and ellie

4.25.13 stir



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my boys 1.6.13 and my new picture

brothers 1.6.13

brothers again 1.6.13

flowers draw by Big 1.6.13

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first Christmas craft of the season

big brother craft

big working

little brother craft 2

little brother craft

little with his craft

santas done


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coffee filter art fail

I take a strange pride in the fact I do not only blog our successful art but also our “less than successful art”.  This is only of the ‘not so perfect’ ones.  I set out for us to make coffee filter flowers.  I have seen several places where the child colors on the coffee filter then the child sprays water and the colors melt together and run and blend.






This was my starting point.  My mistake, I think, using washable markers.  When we sprayed them with water the color dripped out of the coffee filters, mostly anyway, and did not spray though the filter and did not blend – like tie-dye or something.

We persevered to the end, coloring one day,

spraying the next, and are drying our filters; the boys still want to try to make them into flowers with pipe cleaners.  Lesson learned, I think I may get ONE box of non-washable to keep put up and we can try again with them.


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When I was younger (a  lot) a freind of my mom’s gave her an idea for a bookworm (Thanks Karen).  It is a simple idea and simple to implment too.  You build a catipiller from circles of construction paper then youi log your books, one book per body segement and thus “grow your catipiller” by reading more.  The lady that suggested this to mom had more than one child, thus the inherent compention angle covered.   While my boys would love to compete in any way they can; neither is reading independently.  So I thought it would be cool to have a family caterpillar for our read-a-louds; our chapter books.

I hoope it will be nice for the kids to look back on — I think when they are older maybe I have them write a comment or rating of the book on the body segement too; i made it kinda of big for that reason.  We’ll also have to name him / her at some point.

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A Galley of Big Brother’s Art from his Kindy art class

He loved art this year (duel enrolled with the Kindy class at the local elementry). He went to art (and PE) with the class he’d have been in if he was not homeschooled. They had art once a week; Big only went second semester. He loved his teacher, and she was really responsives to him. she always took time to really talk to him and she took a genuien intrest in the art he brought in to show her.

But as much as Big really did like that class and seemed to do a great job. i am kinda netural on the whole thing. I am very glad he had fun, and i am very glad he was excited to go each week. I am very glad see too the time to talk to him, and to look at his art and to engage him. She is a great “relationship” teacher and he bonded with her and looked forward to calss and talked a lot of what they did in class.

Nevertheless; the projects do not amaze me. frankly the projects that i could have done with them, all paint and a little glue. he also brough home a number of marker drawings from “free draw time”. again, he has free access to crayone and markers here. So I am coming away with the feeling he did not expereince anything in his school art class that he has not expereinced here with me.

I work really hard to try new things. I was just dissapointed that he didn’t have any new art expereinces in the school class.

I believe they spent 2 weeks on the Kite.  I know they made smaller practice kites with crayons to design before getting to the paint.

this is 2 layers, the frog was painted and cut out and glues on to the background.

this fish took 2 weeks (more?) the drew the entire piece in crayons then painted with water color.

this projects was 2 weeks also, the drawing that is, the lady bug is a project Little Brother brought home (the wings move)

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Spring Break 2012 — #4 ART

OK I am finally going to blog about this, I have thought it all though.  I don’t like the blogs where everything always goes right and the kids are perfect.  My kids are not perfect, neither am I, and things more often that not (science and art especially) generally do not work out quite as right or as easy for us.\

While my dear friend and my three Godchildren were here we attempted this project.  We were both really excited to find a craft that was useable; not just another picture, and also, a craft that worked for our age range.  It is a challenge to find something the youngers (both 4 years 5 months) and the olders (10 and 12) can do and WANT to do.  We had high hopes of using them as Easter decorations, and even of using the idea again at say Thanksgiving to make table decorations.  However, it was very frustrating and did not work at all as this blog made it sound.   I am gald both my boys were willing to jump in.  Very very sensory; wet glue, yarn, hard plastic, after a time things get tacky too.

We followed the directions carefully and the Other Mother and I helped / did for the youngest kids (check out the photo of them; in the photo of the 2 baskets sitting on the table you can see the side and see how I tried to wrap it or weave it, not just drape it).  Nevertheless it required a lot of patience and a lot of fast thinking and manipulation by the moms to make baskets work out (shh but all the kids basket has to be reinforced by the moms when the kids were out of sight).

The yarn did not stick to itself.  It did not “turn crisp” nor retain its shape or even stay together.  As we dried them upside down the glue continued to drain off of them.  WARNING: this is a messy project.

We finally got them to “turn in to baskets” after the glue was dry by drenching them with spray starch!!  Stuck them in the sink and soaked them really good 3 or 4 time with starch.  That finally stuck the yarn together and gave it form.

I DO actually plan to try this again, maybe with the Godkids again, but I am going to take into account what I have learned and make some changes.   All in all this would be a great project to use up left over yarn, but I think that it is best fitted for a child a bit older than mine, or female and much more dedicated and attentive to details.   Though, this may be seen again when the Christmas Gift blogs start rolling out.

Things I have learned about this project:

  1. use COTTON yarn (thanks Anna for that, I was not smart enough and we used cheaper acrylic and that may have been the biggest issue we had, but did not realize that till Anna suggested it to me after the fact, obvious now.  That is why the yarn dripped the glue out while drying and the glue did not dry on / the yarn.)
  2. might try fabric glue rather than Elmer’s white school glue like we used this time; but with better yarn that might not be necessary.
  3. weave the yarn, they drape it all hodge-podge in the blog post I found the idea, but the one I wrapped around and around the bowl, pulling it tight over itself seems to hold it shape best.
  4. teams, rather than one basket per child, especially younger kids, might be a better idea.
  5. remember not all project turn out as fast, easy or pretty as they do in a few snapshots on a blog.


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