IDEAS (to do, then done)

This page, this on going list, is a place for me to save art (and science and other) ideas.  Once we have tried them, if we try them :), then I will like to the blog post about this.  This will be an on-going page; with me linking to our attempts and adding new ideas as i come across them.

Current October 2, 2012 

Painting with tissue paper

Paint with bubbles

Pom Pom Yarn Balls  This looks easier than the way I was taught in school (using dounuts of hevey cardboard to wrap).  Haven’t tired it yet.

Q-Tip flowers 

Bubble Sensory Art  

Painting with Soap – this looks a lot like this that the boys and I did before, but more delicate and more for making pictures; not just blobs.

I love turtles.

Sandpaper art; two versions.

Wax art.

Painting on wood.  I am kinda doubting mine can do this yet, but I am putting it on the list as it just looks cool.

Child Friendly Batik craft.  Tried one kind like this before but I am pretty sure the boys were just too young, they may still be too young.  Can’t hurt to try.

Marbleized painting 

Mosaic with TAPE

Finger print balloons ( when I was little we did this and made BUGS, I remember it, I was in 1st or 3rd – same teacher)

Prints (stamps?) with cookie cutters.  I really want the boys to learn to make and image and LEAVE IT ALONE fso not everything is  smeared and “muddy”.  I long for clear colors and clear images in their art.

bugs made out of paper plates

Density tower 

2 responses to “IDEAS (to do, then done)

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  2. crystal

    It all sounds like fun!

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