Curriculum for First Grade 2012-2013

First Grade curriculum 2012 – 2013

School  year will run from Aug 1 2012 to May 31 2013

HISTORY (concurrently):

  1. Story of the World; In addition to the history readings, we are working our way though the activity guide and also several related read-a-loud as well as following along in our Bibles as well.
  2. Biblioplan.  “BiblioPlan’s curriculum is Christ-centered, literature-based, easy to follow and inexpensive.”  It pigeon-tails with Story of the World; offering more extra reading, and syncing Bible History with the SOTW chapters.
  3. The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  A photo encyclopedia to give us visual images to “see” the history we are studying.

GEOGRAPHY (first two concurrently, then following item):

1.                       Beginning Geography, Grades K-2 

2.                        Around the World Coloring Book 

3.                        Legends & Leagues: Or, Mr. Tardy Goes from Here to There and the work book.

BIBLE (Studies will be done consecutively) :

1.                     Awana’s Sparks year 2

2.                       You Want Me to Do What?!: A Bible Study Workbook on Obedience for Ages 6-12.  

3.                        Fruit of the Spirit: a Children’s Bible Study of Galatians 5:22 by David Walters

4.                        Pressing On When the Pressure’s On: A Bible Study Workbook on Perseverance for Ages 6-12

LANGAGE ARTS & GRAMMER (concurrently):

1         First Language Lessons.

2       Spelling Work Out Level A. 

3       Daily dictation

LOGIC (consecutively):

  1. Visual Perceptual Skill Building® Book 2  Critical thinking Company! 
  2. Mind Benders.
  3. Dragon logic
  4. Logic Links (Mindware’s Best Logic Problems : Level A) 
  5. MAYBE — Primarily Thinking, Grades 2-3 

MATH (consecutively):

  1. memorize math facts though 12
  2. Mammoth Math.  First Grade.
  3. Spectrum Math
  4. Math Minutes.

PHONICS (consecutively):

  1. Exploring the Code book 1 ½, book 2 and book 2 ½ if we get to it.
  2. easy readers for practice
  3. Sight words, first 3 levels.
  4. Phonics Pathways (edition 9)

SOCIAL STUDIES (consecutively):

  1. Truth Quest.  We will be covering US history (Viking till I am not sure) as our Social Studies.
  2. Early American History (Beautiful Feet) by Berg (the link is to the newer version)
  3. History Pockets: Native Americans, Grades 1-3


1.    Art Treasury

2.     TBD


3.     SonLight Science Level A:  Biology, Botany, and Physics. 

Also continued daily work on penmanship and weekly Bible memorization.


2 responses to “Curriculum for First Grade 2012-2013

  1. Sarah C

    I have a question: are you doing Social studies and History each week? So, SOTW and Early American history? I’m debating about our history…to do the Early American in 1st and then start SOTW with Veritas Press cards in 2nd. My kindergarten was an early reader (late 2nd now), but I also have a son who will be PreK next year (and a toddler) so I’m trying for figure out what’s best for all. Thanks!

    • yes We do world history at least 2x a week, usually 3x. we do American 1 or 2 times a week. Our family feels like we should study the US each year, but we do not want to short change World History; we want to study USA each year since we live here, but we do not want to outweigh the rest of the world. Neither my kindy or my 1st grader read independently so it is all momma read (they color usually while i read then we talk. At this point it really doesn’t mean a huge time commitment. I am sure it will be a lot of of one as times goes on, but that is true of homeschooling in general.

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