Family Education Mission Statment

—-this is well on its way, i have been working on it for a while — but it is not 100% done, so check back for more refinments —— updated 2/22/10

We the parents have the moral and legal obligation to craft, mold, and guide our children into adulthood as functional, ethical, moral and productive people ready and willing to serve God’s Glory and to be productive members of their community and good men / fathers and husbands.  Trustworthy, successful, and competent.  Deuteronomy 6:7  “You shall diligently teach your children My words as you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.”

We can, and should, use all resources available to us, such as the state school system, but the end result the responsibility is ours alone.  The education of our children is our mandate from God who blessed us with the children, and to Him alone are we ultimately accountable, and to our grandchildren.  This not a burden we can, or would choose to, hand off to any other individual or organization.

It is wise to remember that Modern institutional education began only in the last 100 years in American and that this great country was founded through the efforts of those who were schooled at home or in one-room schools; at the time the norm and the expectation for all education.   It is also important to remember that Home-educated students typically score 15-30% points above public-schooled students on standardized academic achievement tests.  Our intent is for our children to excel when considered with their peers and it is our duty as parents to give them every means necessary to do so. 

While we are teaching our children to study, research, and write, we need to remember that they are establishing and perfecting tools that they will one day use to God’s glory.   Both tools of knowledge and academic skill as well as tools of faith.  Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


  • Young children are impressionable; we the parents are morally obligated to ensure that the models the children are impressed upon by are worthy.
  • Children should not be expected to exercise sound judgment regarding actions and associations independently until they are of an age to be able to make such moral decisions.
  • The family must be the most important circle for children till they reach the age of accountability and can be a motivational force within their peer group.
  • You cannot effectively compensate for 30+ hours/week of a humanist worldview with a few hours at home when the child is already tired or emotionally done.  The influence of the school system on young children is a very serious thing.
  • It is very difficult, even impossible, to tell a child the MUST listen to an adult (teach or other) then to tell them NOT to listen / believe certain things that person says, or not to trust that adult or believe him / her on certain issues.  That is an unfair situation to place a child in; and will effect child ability to learn anything in that situation.


Goals of Education:

  • Generally:
      • To facilitate an education developing the ability to locate, understand and utilize needed information.  To be a fully functional productive member of society that is able to think for ones self and make sound choices and demonstrate the ablity to reason and evaluate data and arguments. 
  • Specifically
  • To read well, critically, for comprehension and for joy.  To be able to find and expertly use reading to gather needed information on any topic
  • To learn to research and gather information and data confidently and quickly.  While evaluating the gathered information for validity and relevance and “trustable”.
  • To be a critical consumer of pop culture and the media.  To evaluate bias and its effects data offered.
  • Confidently express self well orally and in writing, present information clearly and persuasively when necessary
  • Be able to successful use a variety of math skills in daily life and for complex reasoning. 
  • To be able to engage in complex reasoning and use advanced logic in life and professional / academic endeavors
  • Enjoy Art and Music and Lit for its intrinsic beauty as well as understanding how it fits into history and expresses and reflects the time period of its creation, as well as how it makes God visible in our daily lives.  To recognize and appreciate universal truths. 
  • Understand history and politics so as to be able to make critical choices and make sense of current events with the end of being a fully participatory member of the electorate and the body politic personally if necessary.
  • To understand the scope of science to an extent that allows for an understanding of current event and the working of the world around us.  Also to allow for recognition of and respect for God’s inherent design in all. 
  • To understand the human body, its form and functions and care.  To make wise personal choices in lifestyle and personal behavior.  To be an educated and wise consume of health care.
  • To build a solid foundation in faith and the Word of God.  Both as it speaks to our lives in matters of personal choice and faith, and also as Lit and History. 
  • To be aware of other world religions / schools of thought / faiths.  To compare and contrast them with our faith, and with each other.  With an eye towards being able to understand others, live tolerantly and to understand world history and politics and current events more completely.



  • No fear of bullies on the playground or being disgraced in front of our social group (class) when you struggle with a subject
  • No opportunity to fly under the radar and get by with out truly accomplishing a task or learning information or skill
  • Expectations
      • Age / dev app – not sitting quiet all day at age 5
      • Achievement – higher  personal goals, not dictated by the average of a class of 30 (or even 20)

3 responses to “Family Education Mission Statment

  1. Julie

    Very impressive! I can tell a lot of thought went into this GOOD FOR YOU!! I wa talking with my sister once about homeschooling and she made a comment that she didnt feel she didnt want to be responsible for overseeing her sons’ educational needs…to which I replied you ARE whether you homeschool or not. we all need to be more like you, thinking ahead while we have the time and energym an not just letting things happen to us and our children-you go momma!

  2. Thanks, your comments and thoughts mean a lot to me.

    I know I tend to be OCD about it — but I am looking at it this way = now while i have extra all time to allow myself the luxery of the ODC-ness (LOL) I will really dive in. Read a ton of theroy, look at all the products and “stuff”.

    I know that in the next few years when the school work becomes much more real and challangeing for child(ren) and mom I will not have all this extra time. I want to be more educated and more gounded not only in the basics, but also in what is most importnat to us, and how to achieve it. You can’t wander around and hope toget somewhere specfic; i do not have 40 years.

    For now “school” is coloring, playdough, a lot of reading, and a little art and science and a lot of the world around us and fun. Momma have the extra time to study and think. I want to make the most of it.

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