We will, as they grow, dive deeper and relie greatly on real books, good literature, the Bible and other books of Faith as well as challenging educational material.  We seek to follow the standards of an older time when Latin and Greek were common high school and redimdal English was NOT common college work. 

We strive to be academically challenging in the core subjects of reading / literature / language, math, science, faith and history.  At the same time we will endeavor to give good expoure to the fine arts, especially music and freedom to create art and allow time and support for following the boys specific interests.

For now we are taking every care to respect their young age and developmental needs and level.  We do not want to rush them, or push them.  We read, we do arts and crafts, we sneak in some other stuff (fine motor work and so on) as long as it stays fun.


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