Family Read-A-Loud Shelf (finished)

  • This is a collection, by year, of books (i.e. containing more than one chapter, being read at more than one sitting) we have completed.
  • They are in the order we read them, within the year.  I have included both books I have read, and audio books we have listened to (if they are actual books, I am not including all the fables, poems and short stories we list to over and over again).  Audio books are noted.

CURRENT July 9 2013

Kindy & Pre-K 3/4

First Grade & Kindy 4/5

  • The Matchlock Gun — read it in two days!!
  • The Reluctant Dragon — AUDIO BOOK.  I think I enjoyed this one much more than the boys, it is slow and relies on rich language.  This is a link to the BOOK just for reference.
  • Alice in Wonderland — AUDIO BOOK.  The second time we have tried this book, and the boys stuck with it much better this time.  We’ll do it again in a year, and I am sure they’ll get even more of it them.
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  AUDIO BOOK.  Excellent
  • The Book of Beasts by Edith Nesbit.  AUDIO BOOK Originally Published in 1900 I can’t even fine the full version on  I love the old language.
  • TALES FROM THE ODYSSEY AUDIO COLLECTION by Osborne, Mary Pope.  Excellent.  Big Brother has asked for it over and over again since we finished it.
  • Farmer Boys AUDIO
  • Pocahontas and the Strangers
  • Jamestown, New World Adventure (this is a short book, i log it here only because we read it to continue and “take another look at” Pocahontas and the Strangers)
  • Daily Life Apache Warriors

Second Grade & Kindy (stared June 2013)

4 responses to “Family Read-A-Loud Shelf (finished)

  1. I highly recommend the Swiss Family Robinson as a family read-a-loud for summer, it’s a classic AND it appeals well to the adventurous nature of little boys, we read it 3 summers in a row starting when Henry was 3 and Charlie was 5. (and yes, the old Disney movie, the one w/
    john Mills in it, is a popular one at our house.)

    We also read The Black Stallion, Heidi, the Wizard of Oz, and Treasure Island

  2. Alexandrea

    Sweet, there are some here I hadn’t thought of and we’re looking for new read-aloud books for the summer. Thanks! We loved the original Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne.

  3. crystal

    How did they like Alice in Wonderland? I am thinking of doing that one.

    • we did it a year ago — audio book — and they did not follwo it. this time they seemed to better. i had forgotten until listening to it how ‘older’ the story really is. it moves slow and without the illustrations some jokes are not clear (like the playing cards). I know they could not have done it with me reading it, but strapped int eh car it did ok. i expect to do it again in maybe another year. V might do better, she is more mature than Big even if they are the same age.

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