Random Things My Kids Say

Just a place to record the cute things the boys say — to laugh at as they get big — updated April 25th 2011

Discussion with 5 yo abut new puppy

  • 5:  where is her penis
  • Me: she is a girl she doesn’t have one
  • HUGE EYES on 5 yo
  • 5:  hov does she go pee, she’ll POP
  • Me: girls do not have penises Momma doesn’t have one
  • 5: yes you do


5yo: “it is used to be so easy to be 3 and 4, 5 is just so hard.” (Uh ok, I am unclear as to the change, but so he says)


Picked up 5 yo Big after a day in pre-school classroom for services. 

  • 5 yo “Mrs C was gone today, we had Mrs S.  Something was weird”
  • ME: “it is sometimes strange to have a sub, I never liked it much, what was weird?”
  • 5 yo “to talk you were supposed to rise your hand”
  • ME: “Oh and how did that work out”
  • 5 yo “Not too well”


5 yo dictated a long script to his little brother for the game they were playing together.  Big then stopped looked at Little totally seriously and said “OK Little you say That…now”  Little smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen, so proud to be playing with Brother and said as clear as day “THAT”.  Momma had to leave the room. 

Viewing Popeye – his car died in a race, he got out, put spinage in the hood, the car chewed and then raced off – Big Brother “that isn’t real” I asked why; his reason that had to be “a story not real” ?? “if the car was already dead it couldn’t chew the food, he should have feed it before it died” 

“I have to go to the doctor, Momma, my heart is booming too slow, too slow because it didn’t get enough air today so it is beating very slow” took Big with me. going though Communion line. he has a habit of saying and saying (chanting) something till you reply. no matter the looks, the hand gestures, anything, (he also likes to do this as soon as i take a bite too). so he “starts what is it”, “what it that”, moooom what it is”, “what is that” ….i saw Father clench his jaw not to laugh too 

“I need grandma and pa pa and the whole family; no not Molly, to help find my caterpillar, not molly she’d eat him, everyone else though, cause Grandma and pa pa i don’t think will eat him” 

I told Big he is really smart remember facts from one snake book as we read another “No momma, I just have this science brain, it tells me stuff and I tell you” 



5 responses to “Random Things My Kids Say

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Oh my goodness… these kids are on a roll… So sweet, so innocent, so cute, and sooooo smart!! Thanks for sharing these little words of wisdom. I had forgotten how much fun it is to listen to them.

  2. Crystal

    awwww. so sweet!

  3. Crystal

    so funny and sweet!

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