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Placement Testing for fall

I and I admit I am a bit obsessive, am having Big do some “placement tests” for a home school curr — I am using it to see where he falls grade level wise.  The on-line testing shows where he should start or be placed according to their standards. is the assessment page:  and the curriculum can be found here:

Chronically he is ending 2nd grade this month or next, and in the fall on 2014 he should be starting 3rd grade.

Spelling he just passed 2nd grade, he passed it but did not ace it, but they place him at the first unit of 3rd

Math he is placed at 2nd unit of 3rd — so a little ways “in” and not at the very start of 3rd.  He passes 6 units of 3rd and 2 units of 4th grade math — what he is lacking, as far as 3rd goes is multiplication and division, neither of which we have started.  He had some “gaps” in 2nd but they are material I feel confident he simply tested badly on as I feel he knows the topics.

Reading supposedly he passed 1st, 2nd and third; and they would place him in the first unit of 4th.  I am not so sure I agree.  The reading test was not all that detailed.   His reading is improving; but I don’t feel he is at the beginning of 4th.  However i am confident he is not totally behind his peers.  I’d like to see his reading a lot stronger.  I felt the reading test was the weakest test of the 4.

Grammar:  He has gaps, and I have to find out what they are, but he has NO GAPS till the end of 3rd grade.  After “fixing his gaps” the suggest placement of the 3rd unit of 5th grade.  (they boy loves grammar)



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