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first part of Winter Vacation 2013

b lue





12.21.13 ice cream

12.23.13 at grandma's

12.24.13 big

12.24.13 cave

12.25.13 big and Grandpa

12.31.13 hunting

christmas erector set

christmas night wing shirt

christmas tubbie

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random December 2013 photos

12.04.13 little school

12.04.13 molly

12.05.13 Big Brother's school work

12.12.13 little sleeping

12.12.13 little

12.13 Little's writting

12.15.13 little sleeping

12.19.13 little


12.01.13 boys again

12.01.13 boys sleeping with moilly

12.01.13 boys

12.07.13 boys and molly

12.07.13 elf

12.07.13 mom and little

12.18.13 boys 2

12.18.13 boys

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a buddy’s birthday party — army style 12.16.13

12.16.13 big

12.16.13 little sleeping

12.16.13 tired

brothers 12.16.13

mom 12.16.13


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Padre Island‎‎ 12.14.13


big good

big on beach

boys 2


i asked him to smile

little with ocean

sea star and boys


beach play 3

beach with mom

mom sea and boys

on the beach

12.14.13 Big

12.14.13 boys

12.14.13 little

start fish

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12.13.13 little painting

12.13.13 little

12.13.13 painting

12.13.13 plainting Big

boys cuddled

molly boots

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Springfield Trip 11.13

11.23.13 big and jen

11.23.13 big sleeping in car

11.23.13 big

11.23.13 little with Jen

11.24.13 again

11.24.13 boys and grandpa

11.24.13 mom


11.28.13 grandma and big

11.28.13 grandma and boys outside

11.29.13 cooking

11.29.13 reading

11025.13 little and grandpa

brothers 11.28.13 outside

grandma read 11.24.13

grandpa 11.24.13

mom and big

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first ever camping trip — 11.2013

Our first ever camping weekend, in a tent.  We hiked Garner State park and Lost Maples both.

11.10 big

11.10 rocks

big in cave

brothers in cave

by the creek

cave monster

cave opening
feeding the deer

little and tree

looking for bugs


out and about

1 heading out to camp 11.13

11.10.13 big face

11.10.13 big fire

11.10.13 brothers again

11.10.13 little ready to hike

11.10.13 on way to Crystal Cave

11.11.13 boys

11.11.13 little

110.10.13 boys ready to hike

big feeding deer

big feeding goat 11.10.13

big first hot dog on bun

big with river

boys and mom and view

boys at crystal cave

brothers 11.11.13

brothers on the trail 11.10.13

bvoys trail head


exploring camp site


feeding deer

first ever camp site 11.13

hike at Grader 11.10.13

ice cream

little 11.11.13

little and horse 11.13

little pet goat again

little pet goat

little with deer

little with rivier

lost maples 11.11.13

the bluff

the deer

the goats

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