a very short Momma Museing

Life is a constant battle between chaos and stability.  A constant struggle between lust and temperance; between desire and restraint.  A constant brawl between ugly and tranquility.  What we have to do, all we can do is embrace order, cling to the rules and commitments that regulate our lives and strive for harmony in the face of the hideous.

Our lives are the total of our commitments, our responsibility, and our obligations.  We find beauty by finding order; confusion invites the ugly in.  Some commitments are external; a marriage, the acceptance of a career; other commitments are tacit; parenthood, membership in a community of believers.  Nevertheless they all contain us with expectations and in doing so provide us a framework in which to order our lives.

Remaining within our framework allows us to experience serenity to step outside our bounds leads to bedlam.



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2 responses to “a very short Momma Museing

  1. Carolyn

    Wow….. that’s pretty deep, my dear………. you had to think about that one for a long time……… I’m too much of a Polyanna to go that deep…… or is it that life is just easier for me now…..? hmmmmmm……

  2. yes, i have been thinking about this for a while. Life is not so much hard 🙂 but one needs to remember that chaos is right beyond the next immature choice.

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