responding to an allergic reaction

Tonight we started allergy training with both our boy; more correctly allergy response training.  Little Brother’s bee (and stinging insect) allergy is life threatening and since we met with the allergist and have a plan for sting / reaction care it is necessary the boys be fully able to play their roles. Little Brother has already spent one night in the hospital due to a sting.  The real fact is Little Brother’s life maybe in his own hands or the hands of his brother.  Little needs to know how to take care of himself, and Big Brother needs to know how to either guide Little or seek care for him, or if he has to, to care for him.

We talked about what to do if Little is stung; what Little needs to do and also what Big Brother needs to do.  We talked about looking for an adult; and clearly telling the adult Little has been stung, is allergic and needs his medication.  We talked about what to do if the adult just wants to comfort the crying Little and doesn’t react to the fact he needs medication.  We taught them lines to say and we role played.  We role played not only interactions with the adult, but the administering of the EPI PEN (Thanking God for the no-needle trainers that they send with ever Rx).

We went over, time and time again, the correct response:  look for an adult, tell the adult, insist the adult give Little the medication and call mom.  If there is no adult we went over how to administer the EPI PEN (either to himself or to his brother).  We talked about after EPI PEN is chewable allergy medication.

We talked that the whole care plan (below) even though we made it clear that Momma or Daddy or Grandma will take care of most of the ‘list’; we don’t want them to worry about taking care of everything, we just want them to be able to meet the urgent needs right after a sting.  We explained that in each “EPI PEN pack” there would be the PENS, as well as the chewable medication Little needs.  There will also be written directions for any adult to see and follow.

We will have to do many more nights of role playing and repetition but for the first night of going over it the boys seems to respond well.  With enough practice they both successfully used the mock EPI PEN on themselves and an adult.  We role played enough times that they got though the lines we have created for then without prompting.  Tonight was one the first of many night, especially of role-playing; but it was a good start.

Allergy reaction instructions for XXXXXXXX (DOB 10.29.07)

As of 9.20.13 Emergency phone:  417-XXX-XXXX 2nd 417-XXX-XXXX

Immediately after sting

Epi pen

25 mg of Benadryl

Pepcid or Zantac (either one)

Head to ER

10 minutes after sting

2nd epi if the reaction is still getting worse or he is having trouble breathing

Possibly 12.5 more Benadryl

Hour after sting

Zyrtec 10 mg

Repeat every 6 hours for 24 hours

Benadryl and Pepcid / Zantac



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2 responses to “responding to an allergic reaction

  1. Tricia Packard

    Sounds like you are doing an awesome job. Role playing and repetition is so important. I know that with what you are teaching them and keeping it from being a ‘panic’ situation, Little will be in good hands! Love to all.

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