30 Day Eating Challange

We are on day EIGHT of a 30-day eating challenge.

A week ago I made a deal with Big Brother.  If he would try a new food each day, for 30 days in a row, I would get him a reward.  I told him he could earn a 20 dollar reward, and Daddy upped it to $29.  It has to be 30 days in a row of trying a new food, the agreement (not sure he will want to hold to it, now that we are in it) is that if he misses a day, or refuses a day, he has to start over at Day One.

I have waited to blog about it, or really to talk about it, because I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  But we have seven days under our belt and are on day eight!

I am so excited that Big Brother is finally getting to a place / stage / age where earning a reward works; for the longest time star charts (tracking behavior) and working towards a  reward just didn’t click with him, or at least not ‘long term’ enough for it to help us accomplish anything.  Now, however, he is starting to engage in ‘earning’ rewards be it money or legos or a new book (once, a mom can hope though, right).

With the prompt of earning a sticker, and working towards his reward Big Brother has tried BRISKET and STEAK (both of which he has discovered he loves) as well as Mac and Cheese (which he really did not like).  It comes as no surprise to me the boy that loves crab meant would love steak.

There have been a couple of nights when it was really a challenge for him and he got rather stressed about it; but for the most part he has been willing and cheerful about trying his new food.  Even asking me “Have I tried my food yet today”.  The foods he discovered he liked (not pizza) he has willingly eaten more of; eating an adult sized serving of steak to my surprise and joy.

I am hopeful we can make it though all 30 Days.  I don’t have grand expectations; and I am trying my best to help him.  Last night he did not want to try rice and chicken, so I let him try a fresh peach.  It WAS a new food, he has never (since being a baby eaten peaches but, as Daddy pointed out, it is not like the other foods he has tried.  Nevertheless we are trying to create success not failure so I am willing to be agreeable.  I really want us to make it all 30 Days so Big can earn his reward; I feel that will set the stage for future success, and I feel that is as important, or maybe even more important, than getting 30 new foods into him in 30 days.

If we make it though the 30 days; my next challenge to him is going to be 3 to 5 bites of a “not his standard” (non-preferred) food (something from the general family dinner).  It won’t have to be a totally new food (like this 30 Days) but it will have to be something he generally doesn’t eat.  But, I get ahead of myself; right now I am hoping to get though 30 days.



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3 responses to “30 Day Eating Challange

  1. Carolyn

    You and Scott are amazing parents. I wasn’t nearly as smart as you when it came to Matthew. He was very particular about what he would eat, so I let him eat what he chose, even if it was the same thing every day, AS LONG as he got his vitamins and minerals. Today, at age 37, he eats absolutely everything, will try anything, and is a terrific cook. I hope that’s what happens to Big Brother. Kudos to you and Scott!!

  2. We may haveto try this one. What time of chart are you using? Just a general calendar-type?

  3. yep 🙂 Just a sticker on my daytimer and a note by it (for momma) of the food he tried. nothing fancy — since it is just a daily check off

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