starting to think about fall

I love homeschooling and part of what I love is the WIDE RANGE of materials out there.  There is something for every style, something for every “point of view” (Christian, Jewish, secular, and so on).  It is so much fun to look, and so nice to not be “locked in to” the standard text books (even though we do school at home with books and workbooks unlike some homeschoolers). 

I have started my shopping list for fall (which means I have started planning for fall).  In the fall I will be educating a 2nd grader and a Kindergarten student.  I am not really sure how I got a “soon to be second graders” but somehow I have one.  Will we be focusing more on school next year than this year (and more the year after that, a natural progression as the boys’ ages).

My list is nowhere near complete, some things we will just continue on (like phonics, we use Explore the Code so we will just keep moving though, book after book; math is another subject where we just move on to the next book); there are others I have decided on (like science);  but there are a lot of things I still need to nail down (like American History) and other things I have not even started yet (like spelling for Big Brother). 

I was not going to start this list till July.  I told myself I have too much to think about right now without worrying about fall plans.  Then, ah then, I started looking at just a few things, and thinking about what I wanted to do.  Next thing I am starting a shopping list so I wouldn’t forget anything. 



SonLight Science Level A:  Biology, Botany, and Physics. 

The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

We will also be picking read-a-louds off this list: Supplemental history reading list

I also found this resource list that I will be checking back to frequently.  

SOTW vol 2

Legends & Leagues Set


Visual Perceptual Skill Building® Book 2  Critical thinking Company! 

Primarily Thinking, Grades 2-3 

FOR LITTLE BROTHER (and maybe Big)

Christian Light Education Bible 

Then there are the things I have just started researching:

Things I need to decide on – subjects I know I want to cover, but I haven’t decided on materials yet.  A list of things I am looking at (not a complete list, only what I have found so far that I like)

American History – TBD


Or (or very likely AND)

2.  America’s Story: Book One to 1865 by STECK-VAUGHN 


All American History Vol 1 Student Reader




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