Summer School 2013

Summer school.  Well it is not really summer school for us; it is school that continues through the summer with slightly different books.  I plan for us to school most of the summer.  Our 2012-2013 school year doesn’t official end (in my mind) until June 30.  Then 2013 -2014 starts (in my mind) at the first of August; so “summer school” is really only July.  We will keep schooling because 1.  I want them to continue to progress 2.  we have all day home together so why not spend a couple of hours on school – it certainly doesn’t mean there is no time for the zoo or the pool or anything else, school at this age is not a huge time commitment.

Some subjects as we finish up this years material will sit till “fall” before we start then again.  For example:  we will have finished World History (Story of the World vol 1 ) and we’ll leave the next book (Story or the World vol 2) till fall.

Other’s we will continue working on till we finish.  Phonics and math will continue, moving on to the next book as one is finished.  With some extra workbooks of games or review thrown in too.

A look at our “summer” materials.

  • Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Level B.  Big Brother just finished Explore the Code Book 3.5   and MCP Level B is more or less the same book.  I feel Big needs a little more time to solidify where he is in his reading and decoding before we move on.  We will start MCP Level B now and work on it till we finish it then move on the Explore the Code Book 4.  I do not plan to take any break from Phonics.
  • Spectrum Test Prep Grade 1.  Eventually he is going to start taking standardized tests, so I want to start out small.  I plan to hold this off till July; when our work load is a little lighter and just work though it like any other workbook.
  • Cut and Paste Science.  In the fall the boys (Kindergarten and 2nd grade) will be starting an actual science curriculum ( SonLight Science Level A:  Biology, Botany, and Physics) but I wanted some science for them over the summer.  We will see this goes for them.  I think it will be good enough, it looks simple enough for them to learn a little, have a little fun and for it not to be too big a commitment.
  • Logic Safari Book 1 .  we have had this for a while, and just never gotten to it.  Logic puzzles for Big Brother.

I have several other books, that while we may not do all of, and while we won’t do them as often, I will be able to pull from.  For example:  The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book.   As well as some various workbooks with word games, or math games and also money.  Just to have some variety.


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