Phonics 2.8.13

Big Brother has been rocking his phonics recently.  We finished Explore the Code 3, then went back and finished Explore the Code 2 ½  which we had done half of before we moved on to book 3.  We are currently working on book 3 ½  (reviewed silent e today).

Some of his recent reading:

  • Gramp is plump and fun.
  • Floss flings her blond wig at Slim.
  • Pol plans to do a stunt for the class.
  • Frank is stung and yells for help.
  • Can you swing a golf club at a plant?
  • Are you fond of crisp crust?
  • The goat will fly to the lake.
  • The flakes of snow float by.
  • Jean sneaks into the show and tell.
  • The mean brush dips Joan in the paint.
  • The toad sings on the train.

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  1. Sometimes that have a break-though in a subject and start growing by leas and bounds.

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