Another reason I love home school ….math book today, doing subtraction, tried to tell us “you can’t subtract and get a number less than zero (or you are in debt)” — but left it at that, and did not address negative numbers.  The directions for the pages said to “mark out subtraction problems you can’t do”.  The student was also supposes to “break down” a number in to as many subtraction problems as possible, “remember do not subtract more than your biggest number”.   Well Big Brother already knows negatives numbers (the number line goes both ways, right?).  So we did all the problems and just had our negative answers, easy as pie.

Big Brother:

  • Handwriting
  • Math:  pages 80 to 84
  • Phonics: work book pages  78 to 85
  • Sight word flash cards

Together:  (Momma reading)

  • Bible: 13 to 33
  • SOTW Vol: 136 to 152

Little Brother

  • Handwriting (his name)
  • Getting Ready For The Code Book A: 56 to 63

Then we took a page from Charlotte Mason and took a walk in “nature”.  It was just a park walking path, but it got up out, got our bodies moving, and saw some of God’s creation.







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