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I have long held that one of the best things about home education is the fact I can tailor the work load to my child(ren) taking into account the rest of our lives, the rest of their life.

This has been an interesting year.  We started our school year at the first of August then in September we started packing up our entire house in Iowa with the end goal of moving to Missouri.  In between life in Iowa and life in Missouri we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to live in on the Atlantic coast for a few months.  Given the task of packing up our entire house, going to Springfield for a week, driving here to the coast and then moving from one temporary house to another within two week our family was in upheaval, joyous upheaval, but upheaval none-the-less.  I was able to pull back on school expectations (and time) and bare-bone our academic to math and phonics only during that time; even taking a couple of weeks off at different times.  Had the boys been in a traditional school setting, our family would not have been able to accept this opportunity and would have missed out on the many amazing adventures and memories we are experiencing practically daily.  Now that we are more settled in our temporary home we are stepping up or academics and our time commitment.

School today:

  • Bible Reading:  we started the OT since we finished NT on Friday pages 1 to 12
  • Math:  work book pages 64 to 68, money counting practice
  • History: SOTW pages 124 to 136
  • Phonics: work book pages 60 to 69








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2 responses to “school today

  1. crystal

    I have no idea how you are able to keep up so well with all of your life changes.

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