Why I love Monday

What to you use daily, or almost daily, to remind you of God’s unfailing love for you?  What reminds you of the forgiveness of sins, the new life that Christ offers?  Everything is new in God; we just have to remember that little fact and apply it to our lives.  May I suggest the humble Monday.  You certainly do not have to wait for Monday, but with four or five of them a month, you can’t avoid them either.  They are a nice “in your face” unavoidable, prompt.  Stay with me here:

I love Mondays.  I know most don’t, in fact I know it is not popular to like Mondays.   You are supposed to dread Monday, to bemoan Monday, to “survive” Monday.  Nevertheless, I love them.  My boys school at home, that is I school our boys at home, so loving Mondays morning has nothing to do with the return of the Big Yellow Bus.  It has to do with newness and rebirth and having a new chance; starting over.   Every Monday is a reminder to start fresh, last week is gone – we get a new page to write on.

Mondays are a new start.  They are a visual, a practical, reminder that you don’t have to stay where you are, you can “start over”.  Start that diet, start that new Bible reading plan, declutter that bedroom:  today is MONDAY.  I love all new starts; I love a fresh beginning.  A new chance; to really only drink water and not soda, a new chance to keep on top of laundry or remember to read The Bible before fiction, a new start on your diet, or whatever you feel like you have fallen short on.  No need to fear; there is a New Start right around the corner.  Our life is made up of so many “New Starts”:  New Years Day, the first day of The New Semester, Advent, Lent, the list goes on …but we are blessed to have a new start every 7 days.   God grants us many many New Starts in our life to continually remind of the New Start we have in Him.  Every Monday is a fresh new start just waiting; waiting to remind us that God Himself took a day off and then started new.


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  1. Becky

    Just what I needed! Now…regardless of what everyone else says & the calendar, I’m determined tomorrow will be my “Monday”!

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