Foster Care Solutions Practical Tools for Foster Parents — book review

I just read Foster Care Solutions Practical Tools for Foster Parents.  It is a book based on Common Sense Parenting from Girls and Boys Town. 

Full disclosure here I worked for Boys and Girls Town of Missouri (Springfield Campus) from 2000 to 2003; both in the emergency placement shelter and in the intensive care female cottage.  (note they are not the same organization, though they share a similar mission and “form”)  I also worked, from 1992 to 2000, for a group home groups (that is they had several homes) where we lived as a family (co-ed and not intensive care) there I was a full time assit. house parent and also a relief staff / “weekend parent”.  Thus, to be honest most of what was in this

book was identical or very similar to material I have been trained on several times.  Never hurts to have a good reminder, to read though it all again, but it was not earth shatteringly new to me.

This book was written directly at the target audience of Girls and Boys Town Professional Foster Parents (“Being professional also means that you will agree to work within the rules of the program…this means using the skills you are taught in you initial trainings …” pg 35).  Still there is much to glean from the material (“…seeks first to understand, then to be understood.”  Pg 28)

Mostly, being a manual for their house / foster parents it is rather dry.  Again, it was nothing new for me.  Girls and BoysTown, originally Boy’s Town, was founded on Christian principals and I did love these quotes, towards the end of the book:  “if you are powerless before evil forces in your life you desperately need to get into touch with “a Higher Power” and “without a spritial foundation external changes will not last (pg 279)



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