A little accountability

My oldest (first grade) is very smart.  2E actually.  We have been dealing with a lot of “stuff” (speech therapy, OT for fine motor to list just two) and so I have not really pushed academics.  We also, as a family, believe there is a life time for academics and only the briefest of windows for a childhood.  So we err on the side of “let them be kids”.

Nevertheless my oldest is capable of more than I have been requiring of him, and I know this.  So my goal for the rest of this semester is to fire things up and start covering more material each day; stretching his attention and his habits.

Thus, I think for a while I will be posting, daily, what we accomplished so I can look back on it and see we are really accomplishing more.

Today 1.2.13

  • Story of the World:  momma read 16 pages (2 chapters)
  • Mammoth Math (just starting the first grade curriculum; this is a change for us and I have started us over at almost the very start so that we build the way the curriculum builds and learn their specific games and style.  But, consequently, right now the work is very easy for Big Brother) pages 20 to 36
  • The Story for Kids (we are using this as our Bible Reading time; I started us this semester at the start of the New Testament). Pages 164 to 174.
  • Sight word flash cards
  • Explore the Code book 3 pages 20 to 23.  we really need to do more tomorrow and generally do more than 3 pages.

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