The Connected Child (book review)

As many of you know I am diving in to my foster care and adoption reading list, with the intention that we will apply to certify in early 2013.

I just finished The Connected Child.  The book is essentially ‘Attachment Parenting’ an introduction for the adoptive parent.  It was a pleasant easy read.  However, having been reading about Attachment Parents (and practicing it) for many years, there was nothing new in it.   It was a great interdiction and I do suggest it as a starting point for reading about Attachment Parenting as it related to the foster or adoptive family.

It would be a very valuable read for a parent adopting their first child (or fostering); but since we already have two boys and have been knee deep in parenting since 2005 most of the suggesting and pointers were already well known to me.  The Connected Child was a good starting point, and I am glad to see it highly recommended in adoption community, nevertheless I think parents would be better served by reading something (or many somethings) for the Sears Library.

The best advice I found in the book was a way to think about your foster or adoptive child’s background.  The author suggests thinking about having a biological child who you have loved and raised for years, and having that child abducted.  After several years you get your child back.  Then to consider how you would need to help your child to heal from their trauma.  Then to consider that is the traumatic background your foster or adoptive child is recovering from.

A worthy read, and a great starting point, but nothing new for me.


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  1. crystal

    I love how much you read!

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