Another guest blog

Lindsay is back …. this time touching on the media coverage of the possible ASD dignoas of the shooter from the  Sandy Hook Elementary School horror.


This morning I was on a thread when a woman asked a question. She pretty much asked why – “our community” (the Autism Community) was getting so upset about the “Lanza-Asperger’s” Comments- She also pointed out that the Media didn’t outright BLAME “Asperger’s” as a cause of the shooting. – I like answering respectful questions- but it occurred to me? That many friends on my page may have the same question- so let me answer it for you- here is what I said: …

For me? The hurt comes from years of advocating and trying to educate people as to what my son having Autism means, fighting tooth and nail for people, peers and even teachers to accept him. I have had so many instances where people were incredibly rude to me because they thought I merely had a “brat” and CLEARLY I sucked as a parent. I have spent many hours crying about how people treat me and my children since I had my child with Autism. I have lost friends, fought schools, and had to even educate some doctors – because SOME of THEM don’t even know what Autism means. For many of us- the fight is constant- many of us don’t always talk about it- but it’s there. It takes time to realize that while we know- you can’t KNOW what it is like to have a child with Autism if you don’t- or you can’t know what it’s like to have Autism unless you do- we tire ourselves fighting for one thing- not understanding nearly as much as acceptance. It has come a LONG LONG way since my son was first diagnosed nearly 4 years ago- and – because of how people read into this? It’s undoing much of our hard work.You are SO right that they didn’t “BLAME” Autism- but unfortunately not everyone pays attention to that fact- Not everyone sees it as you do- and let me just say thank you – for that- but others who WANT something to blame- have grasped on to the fact “Aspberger’s” was mentioned- and they THEMSELVES have now tied that to violence. Our children are already so displaced in all reality- they want acceptance – as parents we want that for them too- we want acceptance for us as Parents – and the sad truth is- that usually? We have to FIGHT for that.

Also the media has chosen what they say about Autism ALWAYS- it’s not always the most *educated* news out there. The truth is? Will people remember “Oh Light it up blue” as that is the extent of media coverage we get from time to time – or will they remember “1:88 is diagnosed with Autism” – No- now- the majority of those will remember “Oh Autism- Adam Lanza had that” – And I feel this put a target on me and my family in essence- should I still deck my house out in blue lights this year in April? Or do I have to fear ignorant people who will then see- and know- in THEIR mind- I may be “raising a killer” in my house- I assure you- it is a cause for concern on more levels than I can even mention- and I hope – that all my friends have read enough about what I have said over the last four years to at least know- they do NOT need to FEAR my children- they do NOT need to FEAR AUTISM.

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