Big Brother’s reading mid-year

Big Brother is really progressing him his reading skills, both in decoding language in written form and in comprehending what he is reading.  I feel really good about where he is at the mid-point of his first grade year.

He has completed Exploring The Code Books 1, 1 ½ and 2.  We are currently working on 2 ½.  I had not planned to use this one, even other we had it, since the ½ books are opportunities to practice or remaster the skills introduced in the full number books and I felt he was ready to move on to book 3.  However, when I ordered book 3 I sent it my folks address, so since we had 2 ½ on hand, we are working on it till Book 3 arrives.

In the past week Big Brother has read sentences like:

  • Len sped past the big bus
  • Dad spills a glass of pop on Ship
  • Nell stuffs the doll in the bag
  • Bev puts on a skit in class
  • The kid flags the van to stop
  • The stag is a still as can be
  • Will you step on the flag
  • Can you stuff your clogs in a bag
  • Is the stem of a bud stiff
  • Mim slips the plug in the slot
  • Glen slams the lid on the box
  • Can you smell the hot dog and bun

And read words like:

  • Trek
  • Tram
  • Brim
  • Swam
  • Dress
  • Twin
  • Trots
  • Spots

As well as many other.  I am feeling good about where he is, he really is not branching out in to books, no matter how easy, yet, but I feel that is more his choice and maybe his uncertainty and not skill related.


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One response to “Big Brother’s reading mid-year

  1. Julie

    You are so right, I found that exact same progression in ALL of my readers, and you know how often I say ALL about my kids 🙂
    You will find something HE wants to read and then he will be OFF>>>

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