beach as sensory expereince

Today, 12.4.12. I took my boys back to the beach.  We were there Sunday and had a blast.  There is a beach, that is now “our beach” that is generally empty.  What a difference two years makes, in 2010 when we were here the boys lasted 30 minutes tops and then i half drug them home they were so tired.  This year they are making it two hours and going strong.


empty beach 3

empty beach 2

empty beach 1

The boys had a great time playing in the water.  I got in up to my ankles and while it was not warm, it was really not as cold as i anticipated   I have suffered many a colder hotel pool for the joy of my children; but i still did not get in as deep as they did.

boys in water 1

boys running

boys water 2

boys water 3

boys water 4

boys water again

boys way out there

little water

I realized the entire beach is just one big sensory experience   The waves, the water moving constant.  The wet sand, the wetter sand, and even the dry sand that sticks to you.  We dug a hold deeper than momma could reach, deep enough that we had standing water.  Both boys ended up flat on their tummies to reach the goupy water sand mix at the bottom.

hole 1

hole 2 slimy sand

hole 3

hole 4

hole look

I promised we’d go back, maybe even tomorrow.

brothers 12.4.12

brothers good

little pose close up 12.4

little post 12.4

little silly

little sitting

littlle towers


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  1. Julie

    What a great momma, and I love seeing school everywhere 🙂

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