schooling today and in the Spring

I have ordered a few things for Spring semester here.

We will be starting a formal spelling.  I had wanted to wait till we got a start on phonics and reading before we started spelling, and I have also been looking for a spelling program that built on phonics rules (rather than random words from a weekly story or something).  I have settled on How To Teach Spelling.

It presents a systematic, phonetic method of teaching and learning spelling

I have ordered the teachers manual and the first worktext

I had a full science curriculum picked out for this year.  However, with packing up the house, moving here, living in temporary housing, and looking at moving in late February into another

rental in another state, still dealing with the house too; I have not bought it, or dived into a full science curriculum.  I did just order a science work book off so that we can so some science Spring semester.  I got a Cut and Paste Science book.

Topics covered include: Matter, Magnets, Simple Machines, Electricity, Weather, Seasons, Rocks & Layers of the Earth, Volcanoes, Day and Night, The Water Cycle, Plants, Animals, Insects, Life Cycles, The Five Senses, and The Food Pyramid.

I thought it would be a nice, easy to handle, look at science to get us though the rest of the year.

I also ordered:  Ready-Set-Learn: Word Games Grd 1.   Big Brother has really enjoyed the two logic puzzle books we have

done, so I thought this would be right up his ally.  In that same vein I also ordered Ready-Set-Learn: Math Puzzles and Games.

i have a few more changes for the Spring semester, but I think I have all my shopping done.

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