looking for books to read

Thinking about growing our family again, actually chomping at the bit to start.

Soon it will be time to add to our family again, and I am so excited.  The Daddy and I agreed we wanted to add to our family by adoption before we even married; it is something that is very important to both of us.  The boys have been asking when they are getting a sister, why they do not have a sister and can we get a little girl for some time.  In last February we will be moving, finally, to ‘home’ for me.  We will live in the same town my Grand Pat and PaPa.  Once we are moved in The Daddy and I are going to apply to be foster parents and start the road to foster to adopt.

The foster to adopt road is a long one, and we know a difficult one.  We strongly that our family has something to offer and that there is a little girl out there waiting for us.

We can not apply till we are moved; so March of 2013.  In the mean time, I have created a long To Be Read list.  This list I have cobbled together from many sources; many of the International Adoption agencies I have looked at in the past have had suggesting reading lists, I belong to a couple of message boards and yahoo groups where I have noted all the recommended books that other “been there, done that” families have shared as useful, and I have been time searching amazon.com too.

This is not my complete list; but it is a start.  I will make a page on my bookshelf of my Adoption and Foster Care books; and I will add to that as I find more and study more.  This is my general list, I also have several books titles save that address tran-racial adoption, deaf adoption, children with serious attachment issues (like RAD) and siblings or serious special needs and their impact on the family.

All of these books can be found on amazon.com.  I however will be working my way though the list at the library; I love the ability to request books they do not have on their shelves.  There is realistically no way I will read this whole list, but I continue to add to it so that I have as many resources as possible.


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  1. Crystal

    ❤ you plan so well through reading!

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