Thinking a bit about fall

I know, it is really early to be thinking about next school year.  It is barely winter; first semester is far from over.  Furthermore, honestly, I can’t think about our academics – I had plans for this school year that would allow me to have a good idea what I would want for next fall by now or at least by January, but since we are living in temporary housing on the beautiful Georgia coast; some of the plans have changed.  We’ll be moving again in last February; I plan to school though June again this year but I still am not sure where we will be stopping.  By March or April I hope to be able to make some curriculum choices for fall.

Nevertheless, no matter how up in the air as of now our curriculum for fall is I am so excited that fall of 2013 is going to find us living in town and in a town with lots of homeschooling opportunities.  In the fall Little Brother will be officially Kindy age and able to participate along with Big Brother (who will be in, ready… 2nd grade).  I will defiantly have the boys in at least one co-op and am actually looking at two.

The first one I am looking at: Home Schoolers’ Academy covers: Art, Music, Drama, and PE.

I am also looking for an academic opportunity for the boys; and have e-mail two different co-ops in that vein.  I would like the boys, at least Big Brother, to have the experience of being challenged by his peers and seeing what group instruction is.

This move is so exciting.


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