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Shameless Brag

The boys are getting older, and doing more and more independent of me.  They are involved in many more activities where I am dropping them off and then coming back at the end.  This is hard for any mom, but I recently got some great feedback on my boys and also some positive words about our choice to homeschool

Last night I took my boys (almost 5 and going his final year of pre-K and almost 7 and in 1st grade) to Awanas at a new church.  When I arrived to pick the boys up three different people came up to me afterwards and asked if i home school and said they could tell

  1. for Little “he is so social with adults and can hold a good conversation”
  2. for Little “he is so secure and confident”
  3. for Big “he really understands the text he is reciting, knows that the words mean, he is not just blindly reciting”

It should be noted that the church has a school attached to it; but still the Pastor was the one who made the comment on Big.

A shameless brag, I know, but makes me happy


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