Our move

Yes we are moving.

Recently you may have noticed some reference in my blogs to “saying good bye”.  Our family will be moving.  It is going to be difficult for everyone to leave this home, full of memories of first steps and fist Christmas’; but the new place has a lot to offer.

At the beginning of October our family will be re-locating to the wonderful state of Georgia for 5.5 months.  We did 6 weeks on the coast in 2010 and we all loved it.  We will be on the southern coast; enjoying the beach.  There are many educational opportunities in the area also that we will avail ourselves of.

I have to say I love the role homeschooling plays in this; homeschooling is vital.  If we were not a home educating family we’d never have the ability to take advantage of this opportunity (5.5 months on the coast ‘in between’ moving from this home to our next).   There is no way the boys could start the school year here (in Aug) the move to Georgia in October then move again in February   Three classrooms in one year would obviously be a determent to the boys.  Not only academically:  what would they have to repeat over again and what would they miss?  But also, in the pure emotional toil of changing people and routines so often with new schools.   We educated at home; no gaps, no class / school transitions and no problems.

As of March first our family will be settling into our new home; we will be in Southwest Missouri.  That is home to me, momma, I was born and raised there.  The boys will have the amazing chance to live in the same town with two of their grandparents and also one of my best friends and her three children.

There are going to be many transitions in the next 7 to 8 months; from now until we are ‘settled’ in our new home town in March.  A lot of changeover going on and while it is all positive and all desirable; that doesn’t mean it is all going to be easy.

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