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I freely admit I am envious of all the mothers out who worry about getting a few more veggies in their kids, while I struggle with getting food in mine.  I have always been jealous of the “I add cauliflower to mashed potatoes to get more veggies in my kids”.  Frankly, I’d be happy to get a full serving of mashed potatoes in mine.  So I have not really ever had success with the whole “sneaky chef” style of cooking to expand my son’s diet.  He generally refuses muffins, doesn’t dip food in anything, and won’t eat sauces and so on.

Now, however I have my “sneaky chef” moment to report and I am kind of excited about it.

I make the chocolate syrup that we use for the boys hot cocoa (and I am happy to report that Almond milk, with chocolate syrup is just as good).  I have been doing this since 2010.  Once before I tried to alter it to provide a few nutrients in addition to simply pleasure.   That attempted didn’t really work out.

Now, however, I have finally – though trial and error – gotten a recipe worked out that allows for me to ‘hide’ protein in their chocolate syrup. I have been using Peaceful Planet Inca Meal;  it is rice protein.  The reason I chose it?  I had it in the cabinet.   I am not sure it is the best, non-daily, non-soy protein powder out there; I need to do some more research.   I had, before this, a pea and bean power; I may look for that again.  The point is to provide, mainly Big Brother, no matter how small the amount, additional protein and also a different protein than he is getting otherwise.

Originally I started with this recipe.  I have grown from there.

The current recipe:

  • 3 cups water
  • 1.25 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 cup protein power
  • 5 cups of sugar (hey I did not claim this was exactly healthy I said I am working with what I have)

Dissolve the cocoa first then the protein power; add sugar and bring to a boil.  STIR CONSTANTLY.  For some reason, adding the portioned power makes it much more likely to burn to the bottom and that is a mess like you have never seen before.  The additional sugar is necessary, in my opinion, to cover an after taste; I did the first (smaller) batch with out increasing the sugar – just adding the protein power to the regular proportioned recipe and the boys said it tasted funny, I agreed it was a bit tart.  Other’s might now feel that way and could cut the sugar back to 4 cups.

My boys have accepted it without noting any difference.  We are ½ though our 2nd batch and I have not had them say a thing about it being different.




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2 responses to “sneaky mom

  1. Auntie Roo

    great, how is he doing other wise? Miss you all

  2. I’m so excited for you! I am wondering if you could also manage to get that protein powder into other typically ”’sweetened” foods… the icing on cake for example? I know the boys have birthdays coming up soon, so in reading this, my mind jumped to cakes and/or icing. Your comment about “tartness” gave me the idea that this particular powder might actually be a benefical addition to create a mock “cream cheese” icing for a carrot/spice cake or a red velvet (w/ a bit of pureed beets added). Usually birhday cake is one thing all kids will eat well. You could always try practice batches of icing and cupcakes (for snacks or whatever) and get a very basic cake decorating kit that you and the kids can play with to make it fun. If they help with the measuring, baking and everything you can count it as math, home ec and life skills in your homeschooling. Maybe let them watch a few episodes of Ace of Cakes or some other FoodNetwork show that features cake decorating to engage their interest in the project. You never know, it might spark an interest or even a career as a future pastry chef.
    My Henry alternates between wanting to be a pastry chef and a veterinarian.

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