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sneaky mom

I freely admit I am envious of all the mothers out who worry about getting a few more veggies in their kids, while I struggle with getting food in mine.  I have always been jealous of the “I add cauliflower to mashed potatoes to get more veggies in my kids”.  Frankly, I’d be happy to get a full serving of mashed potatoes in mine.  So I have not really ever had success with the whole “sneaky chef” style of cooking to expand my son’s diet.  He generally refuses muffins, doesn’t dip food in anything, and won’t eat sauces and so on.

Now, however I have my “sneaky chef” moment to report and I am kind of excited about it.

I make the chocolate syrup that we use for the boys hot cocoa (and I am happy to report that Almond milk, with chocolate syrup is just as good).  I have been doing this since 2010.  Once before I tried to alter it to provide a few nutrients in addition to simply pleasure.   That attempted didn’t really work out.

Now, however, I have finally – though trial and error – gotten a recipe worked out that allows for me to ‘hide’ protein in their chocolate syrup. I have been using Peaceful Planet Inca Meal;  it is rice protein.  The reason I chose it?  I had it in the cabinet.   I am not sure it is the best, non-daily, non-soy protein powder out there; I need to do some more research.   I had, before this, a pea and bean power; I may look for that again.  The point is to provide, mainly Big Brother, no matter how small the amount, additional protein and also a different protein than he is getting otherwise.

Originally I started with this recipe.  I have grown from there.

The current recipe:

  • 3 cups water
  • 1.25 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 cup protein power
  • 5 cups of sugar (hey I did not claim this was exactly healthy I said I am working with what I have)

Dissolve the cocoa first then the protein power; add sugar and bring to a boil.  STIR CONSTANTLY.  For some reason, adding the portioned power makes it much more likely to burn to the bottom and that is a mess like you have never seen before.  The additional sugar is necessary, in my opinion, to cover an after taste; I did the first (smaller) batch with out increasing the sugar – just adding the protein power to the regular proportioned recipe and the boys said it tasted funny, I agreed it was a bit tart.  Other’s might now feel that way and could cut the sugar back to 4 cups.

My boys have accepted it without noting any difference.  We are ½ though our 2nd batch and I have not had them say a thing about it being different.





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Supplements for ADD and depression (and normal brain support too)

Big Brother’s supplement list is growing as we expand to try to address reduced appetite, ADD / agitation, mood support, as well as support health child and brain growth.  This will have to be redone in a fw weeks as i talk to a few more professionals and do some more research; nevertheless here is what i have for now:

As of 8.22.12

  • Zinc (3 tabs) = 24 mg = insomnia / agitation and appetite
  • “Green foods” (2 tabs) (veggie complex)
  • Immune C (L’il Critters)  (2 chewies) = 126 mg Vit C, 3 mg Zinc = immune support
  • Fruit and Veggies (L’it Critters) (2 chewies)
  • Calcium / Vit (3 chewies) = 600 mg Calcium, 600 IU Vit D
  • Children’s Multi-vitamin (3 chewies)
  • Omega 3 Chewies (3 chewis) = apx 420 mg = for brain and mood
  • Magnesium (3 pills) = 750 mg = for mood, agitation and sleep
  • L-theanies (4 chews) = 400 mg = mood, agitation and sleep

On order

  • Vitamin B-6, B-12 & Folic Acid -Chewable

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new member of the family

We are an epi pen family now.

Epi pens – the self administering, pre dosed, ‘shots’ of epinephrine (the company calls it “Auto-Injectors”) most frequently for the treatment of acute allergic reactions to avoid or treat the onset of anaphylactic shock.  (  Epi pens are not a ‘treatment’ for the reaction, they are a band-aid measure to allow you to access care.   Who, you might ask, in our little family has a life threatening allergy and might be in need of immediate access to a medication to prevent anaphylactic shock?

At the end of July Daddy and the boys were fishing and Little got his first ever bee sting.  His thumb swelled immediately.  Daddy administered Benadryl and watched him.  Within 30 minutes his face was starting to swell.  We took him in.  We live with a balance, we are rural and have to weigh the “going too soon” “unnecessarily” vs being caught too far out from the hospital in a real emergency.  So we, as always, decided to error on the side of caution and took him to seek care.  First we went to urgent care, with the RN told us to take him to Blanks ER.  We inquired about the hospital ER next to the urgent care; but the RN felt we needed to go to the Pediatric ER.

We arrived, the triage nurse looked at him and he was quickly taken back, I do not know if care is always that fast or it was his reaction motivating them, I think it was the latter.  Little quickly had an epi shot, and they started an IV.   His face continued to swell for a time and he became quite ill.

We ended up with him being admitted because the reaction was still persisting despite multiple does of Benadryl and the steroids.  He spent the night and came home on 3 more days’ worth of steroids.  The Pediatrician attending him on the floor made it quiet clear that we should expect if he is stung again for the next reaction to be faster and more serious.  We were instructed if he is stung again to administer the Epi pen and take him to ER without waiting to see what the reaction is going to be; just give him the shot and go.

He is fine, and was never at risk of not breathing, but he did have a serve reaction.  The doctor at the hospital was confidently his next reaction would be faster and stronger.  So now, everywhere Little goes, we have to carry an Epi-pen.  Also all the adults in his life have been “trained” on the pen and correct usage; the company provides a practice device with the prescription pens; and that has been nice, to actually handle a mock injection.  We got him a cute bracelet to wear any time we are out and about, especially if when he is not with Daddy or me.  He is practicing saying “I am allergic to bee stings” and we have a designated pack and place for the Epi pen.  Actually we have 4 pens; one for the home medical kit, one for Daddy’s backpack, one to go with him every place he goes and a 4th as a spare or to give to the school if he dual enrolls again.

Right now we are deal with a lot of generalize fear in him about bugs; and I have to admit I never notices how many bees and other flying stinging bugs our flowers and garden attract.  Nevertheless, we will all find our footing (and never again put the sand box by the flower bed) with this new normal.


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8.14.12 hiking

THIS is what it usually looks like to get a family photo-op

This is the dumbest snack in the state — he is safely a foot or more down in the side of the bluff, but did NOT run when my boys advanced on him.  

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First Day of School 2012

Little Brother started, at his request, Kindergarten.  He is not officially “kindy age” till NEXT fall so if this year doesn’t work out, we can start over then.  However, he has been dogging along all last year as may actually be ready (save fine motor which is behind at best).Big Brother returns to First Grade.  He actully is about a quarter of the way in, having finished all my Kindy Goals for him in 3/4 of last year.  He will be getting some new stuff (such as new Science) but a lot of his work is continued from June.

Both boys got new “I can read” superhero books to start the new year.

I love this photo.

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