HEED club 7.13.12

One Friday of the month, each month, the boys attend HEED Nature Club for Children at Brenton Arboretum.  We see a lot of our homeschool buddies and Miss Lee always has a very full body (not just hands-on) activity for them.  One month they got to jump in and tear apart a decaying log looking for bugs; this month they took their nets to the pound in search of critters and bugs (the frog all alluded them).   The day started off with a good thunder storm so they looked at seeds and played a game inside, but before the end of the session it was clear enough to go to the lake.

Miss Lee did an amazing job taking time to interact with Little Brother when he started to get sad he was not being as successful with his net as the older kids.  She took time to work with him one-on-one and he really felt like a big kid and part of the activity, not just a tag along little kid.  Made me very happy.  


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