Gutting the Kitchen

This week I will be gutting the kitchen.  Two fold process.  First of all to get the “stuff” dealt with: at least 1/3 to give away, at least 1/3 to store and less than 1/3 back into freshly washed cabinets.  Neat and cleanly and orderly.  Secondly to go through all the food and cull out a lot of it.

The first task is simply enough and obvious; we are moving before the end of 2012 and stuff simply needs to get gotten rid of, or packed up.  We need the house less cluttered and face it, it is all gonna have to be packed at some point, why not now rather than more work later?  We are also starting the process of getting rid of all plastic for food and drink (I will, for now, be keeping it for in fridge storage, but not for heating food or eating food out of).  So there are some things that I will simply be getting rid of.  Things not gotten rid of need to be organized and packed.

With regard to the food.  We are knuckling down and getting rid of all the “cheats” that have wormed their way back in to acceptable food.  Momma has gotten tired of the fights, she has been choosing to fight other battles and we have not been as dedicated to our family eating plan as we need to be.  Food, and keeping to the diet Daddy and I want the family on, means a lot of constant battles.  It is time to get back to fighting them.  It is my fault and I know it, but we have got to boost ourselves (and drag the boys screaming along) on to the wagon.   The big three (artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives) and being re-brandish; and with much gusto this time.  I am determined to make this STICK, somehow, not sure how, but I am going to have to find a way.  I know it all hinges on me not allowing us to cheat, and me not being lazy.   Now we are also going a further step to seriously cut back our processed / boxed / ready made foods.  This time HFCS is getting the ax.   This is going to be hard.  Even after all this time the boys have no learned to “choose for themselves” not to have the artificial stuff.  They hear it over and over (and over and over) again “that has artificial colors, no” but they never stop asking.  This cracks down, and removal of more ‘easy to eat’ / ‘fun’ food is going to be a trial.  For a while I am going to have to accept food as one of the battles I choose to fight constantly with the boys; this needs to be done.

Stay tuned as the kitchen gets cleaned out…


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