coffee filter art fail

I take a strange pride in the fact I do not only blog our successful art but also our “less than successful art”.  This is only of the ‘not so perfect’ ones.  I set out for us to make coffee filter flowers.  I have seen several places where the child colors on the coffee filter then the child sprays water and the colors melt together and run and blend.






This was my starting point.  My mistake, I think, using washable markers.  When we sprayed them with water the color dripped out of the coffee filters, mostly anyway, and did not spray though the filter and did not blend – like tie-dye or something.

We persevered to the end, coloring one day,

spraying the next, and are drying our filters; the boys still want to try to make them into flowers with pipe cleaners.  Lesson learned, I think I may get ONE box of non-washable to keep put up and we can try again with them.



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2 responses to “coffee filter art fail

  1. Julie Packard

    Amy, when we did these, we used watercolor paint. Not much spraying needed. Just an idea… 😉

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