Sad for the unborn

Looking forward to November makes me very sad.  Life is the very foundation of the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution (Life,Libertyand the pursuit of happiness).  This November when the candidates square off for the right to be the leader of this great nation for the next four year; there will be no on standing up for life.  How sad is that for this Great Nation, when no one seeking her highest elected office is protecting her children.

That president Obama is clearly pro-abortion is nothing new; we all remember his impertinent remark in the last set of Presidential Debates when asked “when does life begin” that “oh that is above my pay grade, I can’t answer that”.  What he hoped would sound causal and deflect the question merely shone bright as a clear indication of his lack of respect for the unborn.

Given Mitt Romney’s recent $50,000-a-plate fundraiser  at the home of Phil Frost we realize that he is not a supporter of the basic right to life either.  Frost is a man that makes on his money by selling death; and Mitt not only associates with him; he is happy to take his money.  Frost is the executive of Teva Pharmaceuticals that makes the Morning After Pill.  Apparently Mitt has no problem accepting money ‘earned’ for the death of children – blood money if there ever way.  So sadly he not only NOT protecting the unborn, but willing to share in the profits gain from their murders.

It is heart breaking and reprehensible that the unborn of this nation will have no one willing to stand for them in November; what a commentary on where this nation is headed.



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2 responses to “Sad for the unborn

  1. Crystal

    This deeply saddens me. I have no idea who to vote for. Do we vote independent or ? and throw our vote away and let Obama win again, or vote for Mitt and vote against our beliefs? :*-( I know the answer to my question, but it deeply saddens me.

  2. My point totally. I say we have to vote for Mitt because they are both pro-abortion thus it is a draw; we are not doing wrong by voting for a pro-abortion candidate when we COULD have voted pro-life. since pro-life is not an option, we have to move on — i guess — and vote for the next best thing.

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