Scheduling the summer

So I live by my day-timer and love it; I got hooked in high school debate and have had one ever since; and interestingly mine is as full now as it was when I worked in the city / county Emergency Management Office.  However, I also like, for busy times, to make a visual “traditional” calendar where you can see many weeks at a time.  I usually do Halloween though Jan 1 as one and I do summer (now to the first week in September).  Ok, it is not all one page, it is 4 pages, but it is more ‘big picture” than my day timer.

I just make a simply table on Word; 7 columns and many many rows; then I make it a calendar – with date and print it.  Then come the fun part filling it in.

What I have done this year is used RED ink for things I am “part of” like the Park Day that I am trying to get off the ground and for now am the “planner”.  Red days are mandatory (or mostly, they are a commitment I have made).  Next I used BLUE ink for things I fully plan for us to be at.  In this category we have the Play Dates at Brenton Arboretum.  We’ll be able to make Play Date (3 pm to 4:30 pm) twice, we have a conflict the other Wednesday  and also the HEED Nature club the boys have been attending on and off  (same location).  We should be able to make the Nature Club (Heed Club) each time it meets; see why I say we do not stop schooling for the summer.  Since these are programs that we are already enrolled in I put a RED star by them (red denoting commitment).  As the opportunity for other park days, with other groups, present them selves I will be write them in either in blue as something I really want to make (based on the people) or in pencil as an option for us.

Also in red are all the Little Ninja classes for Big Brother (since we are already enrolled) and the last few tumbling classes for Little Brother.  The YMCA programs change over the summer, going to a day or week camp style, and not a weekly class like Little Brother has been in (tumbling) so he won’t be taking any summer classes.  Big Brother’s taekwondo runs all summer long, Monday nights, like it has been.

I contacted the three local churches we have ties to (One we attend, one that hosted Awanas the kids went to, and one that is local and host a big VBS each summer) and requested the dates of their VBS programs for this summer. These I have put down in pencil (as an option) and will change to red after we enroll – since these are multi-day programs I drew a line across all the days in the program.

Then I started searching all the local parks and rec departments and the local Y and so on for other activities I do not want to miss out on (see list below).  These I have written in pencil showing that they are happening on a certain day and time, as an option for us; but that we are not committed to them.  Two of these are:  Story Time atRaccoon RiverParkand Raccoon River Playground Playtime (including a snack and a craft time).  I have fewer options than some families might, I want things the boys can do together – so I am looking for a pre-school / school age options; and most programs split the boys being designed for 3 to 5, and 5 to 7 or 6 to 8.  The boys are 4 and 6 and I know to keep them together in our activities to make momma’s life easier and avoid any more hurt feelings than we already have about things the other is not part of.

Finally as I know of our travels, or visits from family and friends they will be added to the calendar in highlighter over the days of the visit.

This gives me a nice visual; over looking more than just the one week at a time my beloved day timer allows.



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  1. Crystal

    you plan so well.

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