Just a Day at the Park

Spring weather being so nice recently we had a spur-of-the-moment meet up at the park with another home school family we know.  I love being done with school, and having the kids out to play before the public schools are out for the day.

Sadly I did not get a photo of all the kids sitting around waiting for their turn to play the math facts game on the other mom’s phone (ans trying to help each other, and getting told to stop it by the game player who wanted to do it alone).  That was cool, blanket under a tree at the park begging to do their math facts!  I did get a picture of all the kids trying to work out balancing the see-saw.  Note the other mom and i did not help, they argued about it, moved around, had a hard time directing the two little ones, and finally got it on their own — then lost interest and deserted it.


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  1. crystal

    This is why I love homeschooling- freedom!

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