Volunteer Summer

I am not much ofr a gardener; I am getting better, but the fact remains I have a lot of “better” to get.  One thing I AM good at is volunteer plants, in facts some times, if it was not for volunteers I’d have nothing growing.

This year there is quite a crop going.  We last year, planted sunflowers behind the mums in the corner of our rock garden (in front of our house).  This year the rock garden is full of big healthy sunflowers.

The rock garden also, somehow got a coupld of stray marigolds.

The rock garden also had a couple of great looking pumpkin plants starting (sorry forgot to photo them).  Quite a full garden that is supposed to just be rocks!

We have a few sunflowers that made their way all the way over to the mairgolds also.

We have a a volunteer or two that are not welcome, but those will be evicted.

So apparently the things that grow here best, are the things that I don’t plant.



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3 responses to “Volunteer Summer

  1. Carolyn

    Funny blog…. isn’t it crazy how plants come up when you don’t expect them to? Last year, I planted hostas in the pots on my patio, simply because there is no sun and they like that. This year they came up volunteer. I know they’re perennials, but I didn’t expect them to last through the winter. They are gorgeous… Keep up the good work!

  2. Crystal

    Good job! I have a black thumb. I can barely keep a weed alive. lol

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