Mom Enough

By now we have all seen, and discussed to death, the new Time Magazine “Are you Mother Enough”.   Another stone thrown in the Mommy Wars.

I am NOT Momma enough; I am way beyond ‘enough’.  :”enough” does not start to cover it.  However I not mom enough because I let my children lead their own weaning (at 3 and 4 respectively).  I am not mom enough because I baby wore (a lot, sometimes two at once).  I am not mom enough because I made my own baby food, or used cloth diapers, or because I homeschool,  or any of the other parenting choices Daddy and I made for our family.

I am well beyond ‘enough’ in this current parenting time because I PARENT.  I get my butt off the sofa or off the computer and I actually parent my children.

I DO NOT let my 6 yo go to school in snow wearing sandals and carrying his (her) snow boots.

I DO engage my children on the playground and stay close enough, even if talking to a friend of my own; to see they are not mean to other children or breaking safety rules.

I  DO NOT let my kindergartener ride a bike to school, crossing streets, and do so alone.

I DO teach my manners and expect them to open door and speak respectfully to adults in public.

I DO NOT let my preschooler dress like she/he is 18 not ACT LIKE IT.

I DO shape my children and their views and I DO NOT leave it to the media.

The list goes on, sadly day in and day out examples of ‘not enough’ so-called-parents berate us; and I am only discussing the too-lazy’-to-be-bothered parents, if you venture in to the realm of the abusive, your head will spin.

So yes I am mom enough, I am mom more-than-enough.  But it has nothing to do with an Attachment Parenting Checklist, as much as I DO love Dr Sears, it is not my extended breastfeeding, my babywearing, or my cloth diapers – it has to do with actually parenting my children.  Children are not a check list they are a life long commitment.


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